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Seashell Philosophy by She: Part 8 in a Series

Diamond in the Rough Unexpected

Note: This is a blog short in a continuing series “Seashell Philosophy by She” of philosophical reflections during visits to the seashore… 830 more words

Tracking turtles' "lost years" in the ocean

By: Tim Freed

A lingering mystery surrounding one of the oldest creatures in the ocean could soon be unlocked with UCF leading the way.

Research conducted by a team of professors and scientists led by UCF professor Kate Mansfield revealed first-of-its kind data regarding the migration patterns of sea turtles between hatching and returning to the coast – a curious gap in knowledge that experts refer to as “the lost years.” 803 more words


Animal Rescue Update: 13 Turtles Successfully Released in Florida!

After five months in rehabilitation, 13 endangered sea turtles were successfully released in Florida last week! The turtles, all admitted for complications from cold-stunning, had made a full recovery and were ready for release. 389 more words

National Aquarium

Bali to the Walls - Baliday Holiday pt. 2

Why yes, yes I did write this over a month ago and then promptly forget to post it. I haven’t even done anything remarkable in the past month as an excuse. 2,072 more words


#BP Oil Spill Four Years Ago - Let Us Not Forget

BP’s oil spill in 2010 still haunts us today as scientists study the lingering effects of the millions of barrels of oil that gushed into the Gulf of Mexico. 1,199 more words

The Changing Environment

Recyclable Arts: For the Soul and the Environment

 Source: www.recyclart.org

The saying “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure,” may sound a little cliché but for artists who are promoting recyclable arts, it can very well be taken literally.  371 more words

Environmental Awareness

Climate Change May Stop Sea Turtles from Coming to Costa Rica

This article by Jaime López appeared in The Costa Rica Star. Here’s an excerpt, with a link to the original story below.

The few, critically endangered hawksbill sea turtles that still arrive in Costa Rica during nesting season may stop coming here altogether… 231 more words