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He ran

I never can quite rememeber when I first noticed him. The earliest memory I have of is of the day I was building the most magnificent of all sand castles. 470 more words

Butiran Dari Langit Biru

Butiran langit jatuh menaburi bumi tanpa ada satu yang mengetahui. Bintik-bintik bening yang keluar seraya langit masih berwarna biru cerah menorehkan rasa indah dan bahagia bagi yang mampu melihatnya. 200 more words


The Sunlight's Caress

caged emotions inside her encumbered chest
thrash her soul harder than the sea’s highest crests,
isolate her farther than lonely islets,
and drown her further than the ocean’s deepest depths… 75 more words


Let Lobsters Have You

I can never say that I know who you are.

That is because I don’t want to.

I can never say that I’ve known the things you’ve done. 262 more words


Taking A Breath

Yes. I am coming up for air. And soon, so soon, we will be back up in the air flying over and to waters like these. 139 more words