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Thieving, Crapping Machines

When Papa Seagull returned to the nest that night, perched cozily atop a telephone pole in the Jammin’ Jet-Skis parking lot, he found his fledgling son in tears. 898 more words

Short Story

Sunday Stills, the next challenge: Face Time

Here is my entry for Sunday Stills, the next challenge with the topic of Face Time.  ENJOY.

Qi (energy) hugs,


Carpe Diem Haiku *Footprints*

* * *
lone trail of footprints
disappears in roaring waves
a seagull’s cry

* * *

Carpe Diem Haiku Kai


Seagull in a Bin

Whilst I was walking to the bus stop on Monday I saw this. The seagull was guarding the inside of the bin somewhat aggressively. I found it humorous and cute. 57 more words


Pacifica State Beach

A popular spot for surfers, both veterans and first-timers, Pacifica State Beach gets pretty crowded on the weekends. The groups on shore learning how to pop up onto the center line drawn into the sand reminded me of my own miserable attempts to surf a few years ago. 284 more words



Catching seagulls in flight isn’t all that easy. They dodge and swerve, riding the air like a roller-coaster. They are beautiful risk-takers who seem to thrill at seeing how close they can get to outdoor diners on the beach. 81 more words


29 July 2014 -- #haiku

summer fountain
seagulls circle the spray
looking for snacks