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Bird on a Beach

I just finished organizing another hundred photos and found this little guy. Going through this batch of photos I have realized, now that the kids are older, they are more interested in sun bathing and listening to music than they are playing in the water and the sand. 19 more words

Lost And Found

Beauty and the beach

Excuse me for I am the ocean

Yesterday was beautiful. 73 degrees and sunny, like so many days here in San Diego are. The beach was callingĀ our names.

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Seagulls: Away From the Beach

Seagulls aren’t appreciated for anything more than being those pesky birds that devour stray fries from McDonald’s parking lots. Despite being more than a disposable piece of everyday life, seagulls don’t get any spotlight away from the beach. 137 more words

who farted?

Originally posted 1/20/2012

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