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The Wild Truth (AudioCD)

Illuminating, tragic, and, honestly, hard to listen to at times. Carine McCandless narrates her memoir The Wild Truth with a emotionally charged voice. Bookended by an introduction by Jon Krakauer and an afterword by Shelly McCandless, Carine sets the record straight on Chris. 216 more words


Celebrity Reaction Continues To Sony Canceling Release Of 'The Interview'

LOS ANGELES (CBSLA.com) — Hollywood reaction continued to pour in Friday in response to Sony Pictures Entertainment’s decision to pull “The Interview” from release.

Actor Sean Penn strongly criticized the company by explaining he felt the decision to pull the film was “a historic case of putting short term interests ahead of the long term.” 280 more words


Sean Penn Blasts Sony for Pulling 'The Interview'

Actor Sean Penn has criticized Sony Pictures Entertainment harshly over its decision to pull “The Interview” from release.

Penn, in an email to Mother Jones, 424 more words


All I Need Are Some Tasty Waves, a Cool Buzz, and I'm Fine !!

Hey Bud, it’s like the 80’s and I had this totally gnarly idea of a Word Press site that brought the most rad time in the lives of those who were stoked enough to live through it, fer sure!   178 more words

12-17-2014 Journal - Things I Once Hated VI

Well I’m in the home stretch of this process and my list of 100 has been whittled down to just 30.  Today will complete items 71-85 leaving only the last 15 to deal with on Thursday.  Let’s get right into it. 716 more words

Just Saying Again

Ο Sean Penn και ο Javier Bardem μπορεί να με κάνουν σε μερικούς μήνες να κλάψω τα λεφτά μου, πηγαίνοντας να δω τη νέα τους ταινία.

Ένας κατάσκοπος προσπαθεί να καθαρίσει το όνομα του, για να γλυτώσει από την οργάνωση για την οποία δούλευε.

Κανονικά όλο αυτό εμένα θα μου φαινόταν σχεδόν αδιάφορο -


Not an AARP ad: Bill Maher pictured 'just hangin' out' with '60s cats Sean Penn, Yusuf Islam

We too would consider Sean Penn more of an ’80s cat, but he’s mellowed enough not to have punched out whoever took this photo, so we’ll name him an honorary ’60s cat. 157 more words