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Demystifying the Common PPC Myths

Pay Per Click Marketing Blog, “Demystifying the Common PPC Myths”

“As the popularity of Googles flagship advertising platform is growing, wild conspiracy theories are doing the round. 175 more words

Cole Haans Social Media Investigated by the FTC

Most recent post by Michael Levanduski from Performance Marketing Insider is titled, “Cole Haan’s Social Media Investigated by the FTC”

Michael Levanduski say’s, “Cole Haan, a shoe manufacturer recently ran a photo contest, titled Wandering Shoe, which offered $1000 for the most creative entry. 159 more words

Search Engine Optimisation: Black-Hat or White Hat SEO?

Then make sure you select the right shade hat, if you’re searching for a search engine optimisaiton firm to undertake some SEO work with your internet site. 574 more words

First, Users and then Search Engines

One of the mistakes businesses and even SEO experts make is that they give the chief emphasis to search engines and very less to the actual users. 339 more words

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Your Website Is No Good If No One Sees It

Focus on your strengths, and hire SEO professionals who can help you with the rest. This article will be helpful in making your next step. 479 more words

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Database Driven Sites and Search Engine Optimisation

In modern times, all of the sites created are database driven. That means that your website is clearly an application which parses the data, retrieves data from the database managementsystem and reveals the effect for the user. 297 more words

An Explanation of CPC in PPC

Will Green from Pay Per Click Marketing Blog say’s, “This is going to be the first article of a series entitled ‘A Complete Explanation of PPC’ with the aim to look at every detail and element within PPC so that there is a database of articles on PPC.org which can inform web users (be it experienced advertisers or not) on everything there is to know about PPC. 129 more words