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The rise of Duck Duck Go

Google started with an ambition of becoming the worlds best search engine, but now its faulting. Try downloading a torrent for a book from internet, if you ask Google it will show only results from Amazon (and thats not torrent). 309 more words

Three Uses For Rudolph's Nose (2011)

1. To make children laugh.
2. To guide Santa.
3. To encourage you to use the Bing search engine.
The will-
To follow a Microsoft commercial.


Search engine comparison

Here I would compare three search engine: Google, DuckDuckGo and InstaGrok.

Different Results Analyse:

I have use ‘digital story’ this topic to search in these three search engine and find some differences. 364 more words


The Digital Marketing Checklist - The Road Map to Success

Whether you are a new business trying to establish itself, or an existing company that needs to widen it’s client base, digital marketing is a sure proof way of increasing customer inquiries and leads to your website that benefit the growth of your company and brand. 2,432 more words

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