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The Fermi Paradox - Wait But Why

The “Wait But Why” blog takes an in depth look at something some of us were discussing on another thread: the Fermi Paradox.

Everyone feels something when they’re in a really good starry place on a really good starry night and they look up and see this:

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Life on the Billionth Rock From the Sun | Seth Shostak

Seth Shostak has an article at HuffPost on asteroids.  Not the usual we-need-to-prepare-for-incoming, but discussing something I’ve noted before that the space age needs: an economic incentive.   282 more words


Aliens? Yes Please. UFOs? No Thanks

Via LiveScience

The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence, or SETI, may be becoming more mainstream, as evidenced by this week’s House Science and Technology Committee hearing… 412 more words


Beacon Of Centauri 8

The views of Rabbi Meir are certainly consistent with the views of most of the world’s major religions. Years before the discovery, many religious authorities had begun seriously debating what ETI would mean for them. 2,508 more words