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Even he isn't sure what he means

This online dating email came from a retired man who apparently isn’t sure what he means or what he wants.  I will give him credit for spelling all the words correctly. 36 more words

Crazy Letters

Wait, what???

I got lost reading this one.  It is like some randomly added or deleted key words.

“A lovely Beautiful lady with integrity,educated,ambitious you are is single cant believe,i will say the men around you are blind or is that they dont know what they want or will i say something is wrong some where…….OMG i think God knows better for you my Beautiful lady with a lot in your mind. 77 more words

Crazy Letters

I dream of Brazil

This online dating site email came from a young man who lives in Bom Retiro, Brazil.  I certainly want to “get closer to other”.

“hi pretty, how are you doing do you mind we get closer to other?” 11 more words

Crazy Letters

Another grammar winner

I love the mistakes in this one.  It was written by a 27 year old man to a 47 year old woman.  Apparently with an Oedipus Complex. 30 more words

Crazy Letters

I Missed You!

I missed you my darling.
Hoping against hope.
Sad heart,
Teary eyes,
Longing to see you.
Kept waiting.
But you didn’t come.

A single moment, 99 more words


English as a second language

I get a lot of these emails where the person appears to be a US Citizen and claims that English is their first language.  The profile of this online dating site user even said he had a college degree. 129 more words

Crazy Letters

I learned all I need by reading and working

I have a lot of admiration for self made men – not everyone gets the same educational opportunities in life.  But this online dating email just cracks me  up.   363 more words

Crazy Letters