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“Extreme Precautionary Measures” Continue As Troopers Search For Suspected Killer

BARRETT TOWNSHIP – The sight of tactical trucks, lines of police cruisers and helicopters hovering overhead has become the new norm in the Poconos as police continue to search for Eric Frein. 276 more words


Holy Shit...it's time to apply to jobs!

So it’s that time of the term again when jobmine (Waterloo University’s job board) becomes the first thing you check every morning and the last thing you think about every night. 350 more words


The Abyss Of Greatness

  They twirled around,  losing themselves to the music as they worshiped their Lord. An act long frowned upon by many, yet admired by others. Their ways were forgotten, its sacred beauty lost to a world of machine and science. 409 more words

Lomba Menulis "Indonesia dalam Kritik Sosial"

Rumahdunia.com menyelenggarakan kompetisi atau lomba cerpen, puisi dan esai memperebutkan total hadiah sebesar Rp 4,5 juta dan paket buku dari penerbit Gong Publishing. Adapun tema yang diangkat dalam semua lomba adalah Indonesia dalam Kritik Sosial. 118 more words


Query to find tables having specifc columns

Method 1

use AdventureWorks2012;
obj.name as TableName , col.name as Col_Name , obj.create_date 
from sys.objects obj
inner join sys.columns col 
on col.object_id = obj.object_id
where obj.type_desc like '%User%'
and col.name like '%Product%';

… 26 more words

VT to MN Day 6 - Stop writing and enjoy the riding

When I opened my eyes this morning I had the first doubts about my ability to finish this trip. I was freezing cold, my joints were aching, I could’ve sworn I was running a fever. 881 more words

Deal 32: Searching by lanternlight

“He’s watching you,” I said from the shadows. My intended victim started then with some effort managed to cover up just how much I’d scared them. 332 more words

Two Card Deal