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How Christian Am I?

Last summer, I was approached by a colleague about writing several commentaries for this blog.  I don’t often write essays but I said, “yes” almost immediately.  1,032 more words

Forget me... Forget me not...

Today I ran into another ethical dilemma, and I had to give into it, even though it could have cost me a job that I have been needing so badly. 1,425 more words


A Late Night Letter to my Grandfather

I haven’t posted in a while, but since I’ve been home, life has been very simple. Sleep, wake up, eat, dress, drive my sister to her gymnastics practice, drive back, eat, undress, sleep. 1,007 more words

Now I see in a Mirror Dimly

I don’t think I view death correctly. Every single time someone I know dies I immediately ask myself the question of why? Why would a God of love allow something bad to happen to someone I view as undeserving of death. 191 more words


Let me see the light

I have been to some dark places

I met so many faces that I should of have never known

A sleeper of the day… 131 more words

Am I Searching or Running?

So if not DC, then where do I go?

This question repeated over and over in my head. Where? And the more I mulled it over, the more it stuck me in a weird middle ground, debating myself. 291 more words

Self Analysis

Searching for Mr. Martino

As every one knows, the beach is made mostly of sand: fine sand, thick sand.
Mr Martino used to walk many miles every morning and while walking he mostly looked down at the sand and at his feet. 358 more words

Wenduine Landscapes