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Contentment Indefinite

Her heart stretched

A thousand miles


Her tears would fall

To have that dream

Come true

And in the end

To smile and nod… 7 more words


Confidence/ The struggle to be.

I was driven to tears last night due to the overwhelming ache of prosaic musings coupled with a sense of destructive stress which bogged down all coherent thought and simply left me an empty shell of wanting. 409 more words


We Never Stand Alone

And sometimes

all we can do is have Faith

Faith that what is happening will bring us to the place that we are supposed to be… 32 more words


Crying Out

Hear them crying out
The lost searching endlessly
Never finding the answer.

Hear them crying out
Blinded by their own disbelief
When faith would open their eyes. 6 more words


From a Notebook Lost - The Same and The Other 74

“Your children came to me when you threw them away with all your sickness inside of them.” I proclaim in a loud voice. “They came to me to find the truth and learn knowledge. 220 more words


Today’s poem is a special occasion. For the first time a friend has written a poem specifically for my blog, but they do wish to remain anonymous! 46 more words