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The Whole Earth Groans

My sons came by the other day; 21 and 25 and always looking for the next best thing. Always searching for that thing that reminds them they’re alive, that gives notion there’s more than wake and sleep. 1,551 more words


What am I searching for?

Ever lost something but don’t know what you lost? Or even know if you had it in the first place? Ever been searching for something but have no clue what you’re searching for? 30 more words

Never Let Me Go

I have only just found

What I have been searching for,

Never let me go.

Creative Writing


Can we talk a minute about Jesus and the money-changers?  He didn’t whip, or chase away sinners, nor did He judge them very harshly.  But the money changers brought on a whole different response than we see any other place from our Lord.  783 more words


You will never be happy if you continue to search for what happiness consists of. You will never live if you are looking for the meaning of life.
- Albert Camus



Forward ::

I must write at least ten essays a day. All up in this head of mine.

I write them on my morning run. In the shower. 723 more words


Keep searching

Today on one of my ambles by the Thames in the glorious sunshine that is miraculously becoming the norm this summer in London, I stumbled across a sign that read: 419 more words

An Enchanted Eye