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Leaving is not quitting.

If you know you are good and you have tried your hardest, but you are not getting anywhere, it doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with you. 459 more words

What Good Is Genetic Testing For Orphans?

Several for-profit companies now make personalized genetic testing more widely and readily available than in the past, adding the particularly attractive feature of widespread comparison amongst people’s genomes.[1] The usefulness of such genetic testing (for orphans and non-orphans alike) resides almost wholly in the breadth of participation by other people who have been tested, since the hope to locate one’s immediate family depends heavily (maybe entirely) on whether someone in that family has also been tested at the same site as you (but see the note on GEDMatch below). 530 more words


The darker side of the internet has creeped me out and made me feel dirty.

I accidentally got on to the wrong part of the internet.  Searching for something quite innocent, I clicked on a website that I thought would be about the subject I was searching for, and instead found something very disturbing. 97 more words

Orangutan Finding

I started to lose my confidence in the search for orangutans for a while, since I couldn’t find any for a long time. BUT NOW FINALLY I just found my first one; beautiful Gismo! 170 more words


Not every relationship is meant to last forever. A real man will try to make it work, when all else fails he will let her know before pursuing another lady.

My Thoughts

Tarot Update

Alright, so I know this is a bit late – been busy. Last week was crazy, chaotic, and a bit tedious, but I made it through! 461 more words


all around

“for just one second I’ve felt whole”

you look for something you’ll never find

I know
just let me believe
there is

let me hope… 76 more words

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