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Given a sorted array that's interspersed with empty strings, give a method to find the location of a string.

If you wanna ignore the keyword sorted you can just simply do a linear search on the elements and find the element, but that can be done with an unsorted array as well as doesn’t abuse sortedness to speed up search times. 117 more words


Universal search engine

Search: (verb) ” try to find something by looking or otherwise seeking carefully and thoroughly”.

All my life I feel like I’ve been searching for something I cannot find. 662 more words

Personal Entries

Breadth First Search and Depth First Search

Breadth First Search (BFS) and Depth First Search (DFS) are searching algorithm for trees or graphs. Both algorithms have identical structure, it goes as below: 983 more words


In OS X, Spotlight is an effective way to search your entire hard drive for a file or folder, email, or any other file. There are many other things Spotlight can do, and searching for files is just one of them. 1,456 more words

Tips And Tricks

The quest for certainty blocks the search for meaning.

Erich Fromm


The Whole Earth Groans

My sons came by the other day; 21 and 25 and always looking for the next best thing. Always searching for that thing that reminds them they’re alive, that gives notion there’s more than wake and sleep. 1,551 more words


What am I searching for?

Ever lost something but don’t know what you lost? Or even know if you had it in the first place? Ever been searching for something but have no clue what you’re searching for? 30 more words