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Day 28 - Wanderer

I am on my own,

I wander through the high street,

Looking for something.

365 Days - 365 Haikus


As human beings, we are constantly searching for things.
Searching for happiness, for love, for money, for lust, for friendship, for guidance.
At every stage of our lives we continue to search for something. 246 more words

Unfinished Business: Bringing Others into The Light

I consider days I leave work feeling as though I still have unfinished business to be “long” days. I love my job and I know with absolutely every fiber of my being I am in the right field.

138 more words

Cold memories

As I went out tonight to take my Grandmother some chicken noodle soup, I gasped as the cold air took my breath away. I began to remember the nights when I had no home to sleep in. 372 more words

The Missing Piece

There’s something missing in my life, but I can’t put my finger on it

My mind is going insane trying to figure out what it is, but this missing piece just seems to taunt it… 389 more words

Burned my life away

Why is it that something important, really important to some people, cannot be found.  Or the institution tells you that your records were burned in some fire. 435 more words

About Me

Lost, Bereft and Lonely

I’ve been having more vivid dreams lately. I’m not sure if it’s the increase in the dosage of my lamotrigine or if my brain is just full of stuff it needs to chew up. 545 more words