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LOVE was in the Air Last Night

Love was in the air last night.

She stood behind us in line surrounded by several other couples. The group she was with would catch the next elevator up the 103 flights to the top of the Willis Tower. 185 more words


An Awesome Stairwell Shot

The SkyRise Chicago photographer got an awesome shot of me at the end of the Willis Tower stair race on Sunday (my recap, with lots of photos, is here) 244 more words

Could You Walk Up All The Steps To The Top Of The Willis Tower?

Just how many steps are there from the ground floor of the Sears Tower (yes, I know the new one is Willis, but whatever) all the way to the top? 80 more words


One Hundred and Three Floors! (SkyRise Chicago Race Recap)

You know that feeling when you’re so exhausted you just gotta sit down? I had that feeling yesterday, and I found the best place ever… 1,325 more words

223 S Wacker Drive

Come, stand at 223 S Wacker Drive and behold:
the Potawatomi tribe dances in celebration.
The Great Spirit has given them a successful
hunt. There is food; there is clothing; there is shelter. 315 more words


Chicago Skydeck Glass Cracks Below Tourists Feet

In what could have been a nightmare come true, part of the glass floor in a viewing box high above Chicago cracked right below a group of California tourists. 135 more words