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'Bring It' Season 1 Episode 8 - "The Lock In" (Full Episode)

Watch ‘Bring It’ Season 1 Episode 8 “The Lock In” (Full Episode)


Season 1 Episode 5: Packing.

Dear friends,

I’m writing this winter finale, spring is here, almost summer.
I’m tired. Actually I’m exhausted and I’m falling apart from myself. I’m sick of responsibilities. 117 more words

Season 1

A Newbie's Commentary for 'Game of Thrones' Season One, Episode Three.


This time I skipped over the credits because who needs to watch it every time? 

The Tomorrow People "A Sort of Homecoming"

Aired: April 21, 2014

Talk about an ending with a bang.

We start of episode 20 with Stephen’s dad finally waking up and as expected an awkward family reunion, along with Hilary and Astrid (which makes it double awkward!), occurs not long after that. 190 more words


The Sensorites, “Strangers in Space”

The TARDIS lands on a ship, with the crew mysteriously incapacitated. The culprits are psychic aliens called the Sensorites, who are trying to keep the astronauts from leaving the galaxy by repeatedly psychically assaulting them, but letting them live each time. 255 more words


Fairy Tales Are Real!

No matter where you grow up you you learn about Fairy Tales. You learn about Snow White and the seven Dwarfs, Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella. You get to learn about their world and characters and then you grow up thinking they are just story’s. 411 more words

Daily Post

Episode 4

Sitting in her car, worryingly, Emma glances at her ex-boyfriend Benji, standing at the traffic lights.

Her expression says it all. It is as if she had seen a ghost. 1,204 more words

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