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@AdoreDelano Wants You To "Speak My Sex"

“Unleashed a monster, because I have a lot to say about sex.”

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Guess Who Wants To Be On All Stars 2 @AprilCarrion

We like how she’s mixed into the music she performs. Think she has a chance to make it on?

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@AlyssaEdwards_1 Holds This Secret Tight @TheBiancaDelRio

They’re really gangsta queens, we can’t wait to see Bianca on Alyssa’s Secret, the question is, when the hell will Bianca have time and be in the same place as Alyssa? They some busy queens.

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Vote for your favorite StorySlam themes!

by guest blogger and Executive Director Megan McGee

Ex Fabula volunteers have been hard at work crafting the schedule for Season 6… but we want your help to finalize some event themes! 173 more words

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If You Didn't Catch @Magnoliaisme on @FeastofFun Check It Out!

The interview with Reynolds Engelhart, the man behind Magnolia Crawford helps fans understand more about Magnolia since we weren’t privileged to have her around for longer than one “big opening.” When we hung out with her in Las Vegas we got to see the fun side of Magnolia and we’re glad to have her share more of her side of the story. 20 more words

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"Hello, I Love You" And Your Pink Hair @AdoreDelano

Can’t wait for the next single to drop, even though we have the whole album, it’s fun to watch the videos.

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