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April Showers of Beer

I would take a beer shower over a shower of skittles any day. You all already know that I am a little depressed now that all of the passion-filled student athletes of March Madness have returned to their studies… and suddenly people are proudly wearing Phillies jackets to the bar with patches on them from previous World Series victories (I believe the last one was in 1901 or somewhere thereabouts), but spring is HERE and summer is fast approaching, and the best thing about summer is that beer goes with basically every activity you could be doing: beer while grilling, beer while tubing the river, beer on a scenic bike ride, beer while doing yard work, you get the idea. 117 more words


The Most Commonly Consumed Beer in the World

You might not know it because this beer takes many forms and is called by many different names, but the pale lager is the world’s most commonly consumed beer. 319 more words

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The Rise of the German Lager

In the Medieval period, brewers did not have the knowledge nor the technology to differentiate between the two main families of yeast known formally as the ale and lager yeasts. 285 more words

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Yards Brewing Company: Andrew Rutherford

On a beautiful sunny day in Philadelphia, city goers are seen laying on patterned blankets in nearby parks soaking up some vitamin D or sitting on their front stoops with a red solo cup in hand. 511 more words

Spring into Prost's Biergarten!

Now that it is officially the spring season, it is time for you to begin to take your beer drinking to the great outdoors! We here at Prost want to help you do just that by offering free rein of our German biergarten for all of your outdoor drinking pleasure, complete with an authentic German Prost beer by your side and one of the best views of downtown Denver in plain sight. 363 more words

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Spring Beer Fling (and giveaway!)

Guess what’s coming to Tampa in just 2 weeks.  The Spring Beer Fling!  What the heck is that you ask?  How about a whole day of surf rock, games, and as much retro fun as you can handle?  297 more words

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The World's Oldest Brat to accompany that German Lager

If you have been reading the recent blogs, you are well versed on the brewing history, culture, and unique German biers of the region of Franconia. 539 more words

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