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Kale Pesto Pasta with Crispy Chickpeas

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m Italian and there’s just no going gluten-free for this gal. However, I typically make pasta one night a week now instead of three or four. 366 more words

Roasted Fall Veggies

Ah, fall veggies, how I love thee. I could write a love song to the sweet potato alone. But I’m also a fan of these purple potatoes, similar to Russets but with four times as many… 229 more words

Happy Thanksgiving

Our cherry pie from the Berry Barn . . . not traditional, but hey-it’s what we felt like!!


The Complete Thanksgiving Joke Compilation

Recently, I did a post about all the Halloween jokes I have heard. Now, I’m looking at Thanksgiving, and I thought I should do another post, but this time about Thanksgiving jokes that I took from the internet. 685 more words


Organizing, Stress Sweat and 72 hours until Departure.

This is going to be a short post as I don’t have the energy to craft much beyond the list the follows. The past three days have consisted of packing and repacking in order to get everything I’ll need for 2.5 months into a 55 L bag (not small, but not big as far as packs go). 410 more words

South America

Learn Chinese Day #64

Happy Thanksgiving!

感   恩   節   快   樂

gǎn  ēn  jié  kuài  lè


  • Simplified Chinese: 感 恩 节 快 乐
  • Grammar: “感恩節” means “Thanksgiving” and “
  • 150 more words

Homemade Winter Cordial

Decorate your tongue with this seasonal winter homemade cordial.  This not only looks festive but tastes delicious too!  If you can’t tell lately I have been obsessing over bourbon and this can be fun to make too!   35 more words