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Summer's Last Hurrah

Summer’s last hurrah.

Warm sunshine soaked up

by the leaves not yet tinged brown.

Metallic green and blue flies
gather on red brick in their end of days. 21 more words



Within the Traditional Chinese Medicine Five Element theory, each season is represented by an element: summer = Fire, autumn = Metal, winter = Water, spring = Wood, and transitional phases between seasons known as Doyo = earth. 406 more words

10 Things People Love About The Fall That You Should Totally Hate

1.) Pumpkin Flavored Everything

Okay, what’s the deal about gourds? Pumpkins are for jack-o-lanterns, not for flavoring lattes and Oreos. I mean I get it- pumpkin pie is good or whatever. 607 more words

Mirror Poem about Seasonal Weather and Sporting Decisions

Marc Latham’s new Folding Mirror poem was inspired by September’s weather being better than August’s in the U.K. this year. With August traditionally in summer, and September in autumn, the seasonal change provided a chance to use the months and seasons with their alliterative partners. 93 more words


Math in Nature Show

Since the start of my work on the Math in Nature series, I had always entertained the thought of having a show once all four books were complete. 369 more words


Time Travel

Heading east on 40
and traveling back in time,
we cross river after river
on sturdy bridges of steel,
where once the crossings were longer… 164 more words