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A Thousand Barricades

Written yesterday:

Your body rebels and declares no one should need rise before 4 am, and yet out there in the dark crisp cold of night, yet early morn, you relish the clarity of stars and moon and blue light on snow as though you have snuck in and been witness to that which is the earth’s own private beauty, beauty sown in the hours that only animals inhabit.   4,563 more words


Dread, Hope, Dread

I know I should go to bed but I know that when I do, tomorrow will hasten its coming.  So fast it will fly and then we will have arrived on the threshold of that day we must enter the hospital.   1,515 more words



I’ve been to Target several times since leaving home.  I keep thinking of things I’ll need in the hospital to streamline my life.  Living in a hospital takes strategerie.   2,255 more words


Lucky Me!

Two weeks and seven treatments down, but more importantly, a few hours until Olivia and Stella arrive!  I am so looking forward to seeing them and to a weekend of seeing Seattle, being tourists, going to the farmers’ markets, walking, and not being radiated!  1,471 more words

::3 thumbs up::

Still cancer-free!!! Yay!!!

Don’t forget to get your flu shots! Better to be safe than sorry!!!

Thank you all very much for your support, prayers and well wishes!!