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Sightseeing: Seattle, WA ~ Underground Tour

I had heard over the years that Seattle had an underground city that was still in existence and it was definitely something I wanted to see while I was in the area. 186 more words


Penn State Abington at AWP 2014, Seattle, Washington—Day 2

We Built this City on Logs and Dope

“Seattle’s origins and early rise to economic power was the lumber industry. The entire city centered around lumber and its booming demand, however much of the architectural improvements the city and it’s people were starved for went to the wayside, playing second fiddle to the lucrative natural resources that kept the pockets of city fathers constantly replenished, and hard-working hands busy, then later preoccupied by vices—binges of whisky, women, and, of lesser known prominence, laudanum. 815 more words


the Seattle underground

Seattle Underground

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seattle-underground_top.jpg When an accidental fire ripped through 33 blocks of a mostly wooden Seattle in 1889 the city decided to rebuild with stone and brick. 207 more words