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Bagley Wood and Powder Hill Copse

In Patrick Keiller’s film Robinson In Space (1997), his seminal narrated film-essay and sequel to London (1994), an unnamed narrator (voiced by Paul Scofield) follows the ghostly trail of his friend and investigator Robinson. 2,394 more words

Littora Incognita

This post is a set of thought-snaps from an impromptu walk-on the North Wales coast near Abergele in January 2014. The walk was an hour of serendipitous and wide-eyed movement in a coastal divide. 387 more words


The Fourth Man

‘We are moving across the landscape in a morning dream, a grey-green misted landscape punctuated by churches and palaces. The spires look gothic, Romanesque then eastern, a reminder that the Ottomans were once at the gates and stayed in the sense that an absence can become a presence. 162 more words