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An appellation against sprawl: to survive
For years in a kind of horror before
A media-worthy comeback is snatched away,
Your class determined not by lack of sleep… 80 more words


red pencil

He sensed he had made an error. The information along the shaft suggested railway and North Africa. It suggested something French. He could see, as he held the pencil closer to his eyes, a crescent enfolding a star,  a number, 1052. 459 more words


Sea Echoes for voice and piano

The cover is printed on ingres paper the colour green of grey moss. It is clean and open like a modernist facade. The composer set alone, centred and central. 240 more words


Michelin 163

0. The source
Michelin map 163 Allemagne Est dated 1945 sourced in Glos-la-Ferriere Eure France 2010.

1. The idea of two maps found simultaneously on one sheet, and not related geographically. 1,759 more words


Kobe chart with folds

When newly issued, in 1966, as number 2265, the chart would have felt like flexible porcelain, glistening as it caught the light, when held at arms length. 200 more words


Review: The Rings of Saturn by W. G. Sebald

W. G. Sebald’s The Rings of Saturn is one of the strangest books I have read it a while. It is part travel book, part memoir, part discursive anecdotal history text and part… Part something I can’t quite define. 511 more words

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