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The Scottish Referendum: A Win for England

The Scottish Referendum: A Win for England
by Sean Gabb

Last week, in Bodrum, I wrote my Thoughts on Scottish Independence. In this, I made three points: 827 more words


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This article by Sean Gabb of the Libertarian Alliance (found here) points out the same thoughts that I had; that the loss of the independence vote for Scotland may not be all as bad as it has opened discussions about further heavy devolution of power from Westminster to the regions and counties of England. I'll wait and see how things turn out first before I start celebrating.

Scotland says No, what comes next?

With the much publicized and important referendum returning a no vote, it is easy to consider the matter resolved. As it stands, Scotland is unlikely to try for another referendum for at least a generation, if ever and the demands of some die-hard Scottish nationalists for a ballot recount is unlikely to result in anything meaningful. 701 more words


God Save the Queen

So, Scotland has gone to the polls, and it has decided to remain part of Great Britain. I had worried that nationalist sentiments and the perception of momentum behind Scottish independence might cause the people of Scotland to make a terrible decision; I am relieved to see that my fears were unfounded. 688 more words

Rising Enthusiasm For Federalism?

Maybe. There’s at least rising enthusiasm for secession.

Our government was never meant to operate in the top-heavy manner in which it does today. A large part of the problems perceived by both sides of the aisle are precisely because of the absurd way we’ve twisted the system to try and get it to function as a top-down government. 35 more words


Unbelievable: Katie Pavlich agrees with Sally Kohn, Texas-style!

Even though Scotland voted to remain part of the United Kingdom, Katie Pavlich couldn’t help but agree with serial Texas basher Sally Kohn’s comment about the Longhorn State: 69 more words


A Quarter of Americans Want to Secede From the U.S.

The Scottish referendum on secession from the United Kingdom may have failed to pass, but it succeeded in stirring secessionist sentiment in that country and beyond—specifically, in the United States. 173 more words

One in four Americans want their state to secede from the U.S., really?

If we don’t like Westminster, are we going to like an English parliament better? — Mary Beard

Those we spoke to seemed to have answered as they did as a form of protest that was neither red nor blue but a polychromatic riot — against a recovery that has yet to produce jobs, against jobs that don’t pay, against mistreatment of veterans, against war, against deficits, against hyper-partisanship, against political corruption, against illegal immigration, against the assault on marriage, against the assault on same-sex marriage, against government in the bedroom, against government in general — the president, Congress, the courts and both political parties.– 236 more words