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The President and the Press

As soon as the president was elected, he tried to co-opt into his project cabinet members and military officers of as wide a political variety as would cooperate with him. 1,322 more words

Ceylon Today

Catalan President Lays Out Road Map to Independence

Catalan President Artur Mas gave a major speech tonight, which fortunately Liz Castro live-translated on Twitter. To review, here’s where we are now: Catalonia held an informal plebiscite… 562 more words


Secession and Progressives

Why the Radical Left Should Consider Secession

This article by Attack the System highlights several good points regarding how secession and self-determination that will appeal to progressives and liberals. 100 more words


We're On Our Way!

The anti-state Grey Tribe is the emerging third force in U.S. politics. Pan-Secessionism/anarcho-populism is our strategy. Pan-anarchism is the militant vanguard.


With Nationalism and Secession for all...

If you have followed my last few posts, you know that I possess a pessimistic outlook for the future of the United States. Economic collapse is inevitable. 846 more words


Poll: Nearly one in four in America would favor secession

Grey Tribe becomes a de facto political majority + Support for secession becomes a de facto majority=We Win!!

This is the most up to date data on secessionist sympathy I can find, and it looks like secessionist sympathy is up by a few percentage point. 391 more words

Culture Wars/Current Controversies

The Rise of the Grey Tribe

Right now, the most important thing that anarchists, libertarians, anti-state radicals, decentralists, anti-authoritarians, paleos, communitarians, and allied others can be doing is growing the Grey Tribe as a third force in U.S. 1,354 more words

Culture Wars/Current Controversies