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“The concept of self-determination remains elusive, and defies all attempts to generalize its characterization. Moreover, its implementation usually creates as many problems as it solves – including, paradoxically, further claims to self-determination… 808 more words

Why not world government? Part 2

In Part 1 we gave a general definition to what world government, or ‘monopolis’ as I’ve suggested, was. Key to our definition was that a monopolis was neither inherently libertarian nor anti-libertarian. 1,090 more words

Political Thought

Libertarians for Lincoln!

Well, maybe not all of them. But while working on the “Lincoln and Race” series, I came across a remarkable set of webpages. Thanks to John McKee Barr at… 275 more words

Civil War

Some Fries With Your Stupid?

Theocratic secessionist, former Constitution Party Goat Rodeo Rider and local county council candidate in Maryland Michael Peroutka was shocked! Shocked! SHOCKED! to learn that one of the organizations he belongs to holds racist views! 62 more words


Secession as an alternative Solution to South Africa's troubles

Joint Nobel peace prize nominees, Louw and Kendall’s book on deconstructing the South African super state along a regional canton system.

Whilst not implemented, the continuing socio-political challenges facing South Africa have led to the ideas re-emerging for serious consideration. 56 more words


The Secessionist States of America - The Blueprint for Creating a Traditional Values Country ... Now

A new book on secession with important implications for our own aspirations to become an Independent country.



For years those who advocated even a scholarly examination of secession were labeled “crackpots” and “fringe radicals” by the establishment.  866 more words


Part 2--More About Secession the "History" Books Haven't Told Us

by Al Benson Jr.

It has been accurately asserted by author Gene H. Kizer Jr. that: “The arguments for the right of secession are unequivocal. There is the constitutional right based on the Compact Theory, and the revolutionary right based on the idea that a free people have a right to change their government anytime they see fit. 850 more words