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Cirque du distraction - Bundy Ranch

In this ring we have the infamous team of Hannity and Stewart

Both Stewart and Hannity skipped, dodged and flipped over a lot of details that essentially makes them both hacks – plenty of twisting and turning ensues. 449 more words


NATO "Fact" Sheet Lies About Promises Not To Expand NATO Eastwards!


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Bryn Biemeck: WAY too conservative for the 63rd Assembly District of Wisconsin

Republican Wisconsin Assembly Speaker Robin Vos has implemented Scott Walker’s far-right agenda in Wisconsin, which includes stripping public employees of their collective bargaining rights, repealing Wisconsin’s equal pay law, cutting pay for public employees, making it harder for Wisconsinites to vote, gerrymandering congressional and state legislative districts to benefit Republicans, and forcing women who want to have an abortion to undergo ultrasounds against their will. 266 more words


Secession and the Constitution

Was Lincoln Right?

In December of 1860, the state of South Carolina held a special convention to answer a monumental question: should South Carolina secede from the Union, and remove itself from its brethren, becoming a fully independent nation? 2,028 more words

Constitutional History

A ESTOS SON LOS QUE APOYAN EEUU Y LA OTAN: Durísimas imágenes: Nazis ucranianos le cortan el cuello al ex jefe de la policía de Donetsk delante de su esposa

Las durísimas imágenes contrastan radicalmente con la falsa apariencia que siguen ofreciendo los medios de comunicación de los países de la OTAN sobre el gobierno ucraniano, y sobre quiénes son realmente los maidanistas.Los nazis ucranianos, conocido como Maidanitas por la plaza donde iniciaron el golpe de estado, aparecen en un vídeo hecho público ayer donde, según informa la prensa rusa, cortan el cuello al ex jefe de la policía de Donetsk delante de su propia esposa, que grita impotente mientras asesinan a su marido en su presencia, todo ello acompañado por el himno de Ucrania.


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These are the so called "freedom fighters" by NATO and UE...here you can see them decapitating the police chief of Donesk in front of his own family...will NATO and UE condem these murders?..I don't think so..

Adìo Italia!

Crimea was not the only region that was busy seceding itself from another country. In northeastern Italy, another region was also moving ahead with plans to cut political ties with its country. 652 more words


Washington, D.C. – Time and again, at meetings of the National Governors’ Association (NGA), there is one recurring issue that’s always on its agenda: the continuing gridlock in Washington, D.C. 239 more words