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America, Gay Marriage, and the Never-Ending 19th Century

Have you ever taken a really wide-angle view across the American cultural landscape and experienced a nagging feeling of deja-vu? It’s almost as if issues that ought to have been settled over a century ago just keep popping back up into public discourse, usually at the behest of reactionary turnip heads fueled by an unceasing wish to go back to a better, more moral, more “traditional” time that only ever existed in their own fever-swamped craniums. 1,909 more words

Free Lingít Aaní!

From Lingit Latseen

Today is Free Nations Day.

Free Nations Day is an opportunity to reclaim the idea that nations are voluntary groupings of free individuals, not externally imposed political borders or states.

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This may be a good idea

South Florida wants to secede. Because of  ”global warming.”

This could be a good thing, considering the demographics of the situation. Florida used to be a Southern state. 182 more words

Secession Growing—Here?

“…there is a “growing movement” for secession that is “deeply American:” “Americans who embrace secession are acting in the grand American tradition,” most especially the original departure from Great Britain…”

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The Fates Exhibition, Secession, Vienna

Diana Al-Hadid’s The Fates exhibition at Secession in Vienna was breathtaking. It afforded me the opportunity to see art in a way I had never seen it before. 225 more words


Secession is the future

In the wake of the Scottish “no” vote on secession last month, former presidential contender Ron Paul has declared that this was inspirational for the cause of secession not only around the world but right here in the United States.  754 more words