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A Libertarian View of Nationalism, Secession, and Ethnic Enclaves

By Murray Rothbard

The “nation,” of course, is not the same thing as the state, a difference that earlier libertarians and classical liberals such as Ludwig von Mises and Albert Jay Nock understood full well. 1,493 more words


Secession: The American Civil War


I hate the Confederacy. My home state seceded after the attack on Fort Sumter in April 1861, but my hometown still voted 2-to-1 against secession. 1,680 more words



“I can scarcely contemplate a more incalculable evil than the breaking of the Union into two or more parts.” –Thomas Jefferson to George Washington, 1792. 602 more words


Why We Need Hillary to Win: The Fire Rises

An interesting and, I suspect, accurate bit of analysis.

I think this commentator is correct that as U.S. society continues to move leftward, the right will become increasingly alienated from both the political establishment and the mainstream culture, and begin to adopt a more radical, militant, and anti-establishment stance. 1,489 more words

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Architecture Quote #258

“I call architecture frozen music.”


Visiting Budapest I spent some time in Gresham Palace. This building is a prime example of the Hungarian secession architecture. 25 more words