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Constitutions and Secession

Constitute.org is a useful website designed by political scientists to let researchers search for and compare constitutional texts on particular topics. Here for instance is a search on secession clauses. 183 more words


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Post by Jan Ziech.

Political Commentary

Joy Bangla! Victory Day in Bangladesh

A roar tears through the smoggy December sky. I look up but I can’t see anything – the fighter jets have already disappeared, leaving their thunder behind them. 126 more words


Five questions on secession

I had planned to drop everything else during trade school and focus, but it turns out that New York won’t let me.

In lieu of a normal post, here’s what I’ve been thinking about over the past few months. 1,277 more words


Hillary's Treasonous Judgement, [nc]

Joseph R. John
Today at 5:07 AM

In the below listed article you can read how Robin Raphel, who was appointed to a number of important positions by former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, subsequently committed High Treason. 1,310 more words

Political Commentary

Secession: A Case of Wuthering Heights Syndrome

In Wuthering Heights, Emily Bronte plumbs the depths of a sick, tortured, possessive, soul-eating sort of romance between Heathcliffe and Catherine; it is one of the few books I could not complete because of the sheer disgust that the above-named emotion provoked. 386 more words