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Alaska Belatedly Declares Plans to Secede over "Seward's Folly" Insult

By Spade King
23 November 2014 12:20 EDT


Alaska is fed up with the put downs, and has declared plans to secede if even one more person refers to it as Seward’s Folly.   281 more words


Jane's 360 Update, see the new Chinese Navy Corvette [nc]

Latest updates from IHS Jane’s 360 Thursday 20th November, 2014

Jane’s 360

Brazil requires ‘at least’ 108 Gripen fighters

The Brazilian Air Force (Força Aérea Brasileira: FAB) expects to field “at least” 108 Saab Gripen E/F combat aircraft by the time deliveries are complete, a senior service official disclosed on 18 November… 114 more words

Political Commentary

The Author of Loathing Lincoln Explains Why Some on the Christian Right Loathe Lincoln

Originally posted at Talk to Action.

One under-reported result of the 2014 elections was the rise of Neo-Confederate politics in the U.S. This included the election of unabashed apologist for the Confederacy… 1,069 more words

Catholic Right

The Left Needs Secession, Too

Think secession! Right down to the individual household. — jtl, 419

By Donald Livingston at The Abbeville Institute via LewRockwell.com

Self government and the secession required for it in oversized States are as much a province of the Left as of political conservatives. 990 more words


Nations By Consent: Decomposing the Nation-Sate

by Murray N. Rothbard

Libertarians tend to focus on two important units of analysis: the individual and the state. And yet, one of the most dramatic and significant events of our time has been the re-emergence — with a bang — in the last five years of a third and much-neglected aspect of the real world, the “nation.” When the “nation” has been thought of at all, it usually comes attached to the state, as in the common word, “the nation-state,” but this concept takes a particular development of recent centuries and elaborates it into a universal maxim. 3,822 more words


Those who need representation - The Americas

This is a brief overview of the active separatist movements in the Americas. North and South America actually face  fewer movements of such, and at the first look, this is obvious due to the fewer number of distinct cultures, and thus potential peoples compared to other continents. 1,272 more words

Obama’s Neocons Have Produced A Mess In Ukraine

Guest Column by Henry Kissinger

Source: Strategic Culture Foundation

November 17, 2014

 Henry A Kissinger

Strategic Culture Foundation

Kissinger: Ukraine should forget about Crimea and NATO membership… 323 more words