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Mexican Military Holds Border Patrol at Gunpoint Inside U.S.

Obama administration must be under some pressure? Notice the date of the article April 2, 2014…So why have we NOT heard about this on the MSM? 728 more words

Second Amendment

VICTORY ::: Corinth, Mississippi repeals gun ordinance, will follow state law

CORINTH — The city of Corinth has repealed its local gun ordinance.

Mayor Tommy Irwin says the city will follow the state gun law to enforce violations. 149 more words

Second Amendment

Smart Gun Technology: The New Way To Confiscate Firearms From The Law-Abiding


According to the terms of a New Jersey law passed in 2002, smart gun technology “…will be required in all new handguns sold three years after the state attorney general determines a smart gun prototype is safe and commercially available.” Safe and commercially available. 446 more words

Second Amendment

Governor Bryant Signs Bill Giving Mississippi Sportsmen Annual Tax Holiday

Thank you, Mr Governor for honoring your oath of office…


SB2425 Signing
JACKSON—Gov. Phil Bryant today signed into law Senate Bill 2425, giving Mississippi sportsmen an annual tax free holiday in September. 243 more words

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Shooter kills 3 at Ford Hood, where no one is allowed to carry guns #GunFreeZone

America & Her military would like to send a warm “Thank you” to Bill Clinton…


Published by: Dan Calabrese

It doesn’t sound like terrorism this time, although you can’t really put much stock in the predictable initial pronouncement that “authorities are downplaying terrorism,” since they’ve done that many times when it did indeed turn out to be terrorism. 564 more words

Second Amendment

More Than 1,100 Green Berets Sign Letter Supporting Second Amendment

Protecting the Second Amendment – Why all Americans Should Be Concerned

We are current or former Army Reserve, National Guard, and active duty US Army Special Forces soldiers (Green Berets). 493 more words

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