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Audio of Arizona Woman Saving Herself by Shooting Loser Perp as Cops are Responding [Video]

This home invasion happened a while ago but the audio of the woman’s 911 call has just been released. She is very distraught in the call and is breathing hard BUT she’ breathing. 93 more words


Piers Morgan Has Left CNN, A Surprise to Those of Us Who Thought He was Already Gone [Video]

Piers Morgan is gone from CNN. He lost his show a while ago because of his stand on gun control in America. It probably had as much to do with his praise of laws in the UK (his home country) as it did with his criticism of ours. 112 more words


Lopsided Turnout for Pro/Anti Gun Demonstration in Akron, Ohio on Sunday [Video]

If you’re to believe the numbers, the anti-gun crowd, after a good deal of planning and promotion, didn’t manage to stir up much energy from their base. 357 more words


Meet Holly 'Hobby Lobby' Fisher and Learn How She Came to Appreciate Guns [Video]

Holly Fisher hasn’t always liked guns. In fact, she was afraid to have one in her home but her husband, David, an veteran of the war in Afghanistan, … 218 more words


At 13-Years-Old, Competitive Shooter, Sydney Rockwell, is Already Finding Her Place in the Gun World! [Bio]

Seeing a young woman love the shooting sports so much should give us all a good feeling. Young women like Sydney Rockwell are the role models of the future and will be quite ready to stand up for the second amendment and the many battles it’s sure to face. 525 more words


Liberty Doll, a Massachusetts Resident, Compares Getting Birth Control to Getting a Gun.....Hilarious! [Video]

One of the feminist mantras today is, “reproduction is more regulated than firearms.” Really? Do you suppose any of the women chanting this have even the tiniest of clues what it’s like buying a gun? 118 more words


Lancaster, Ohio Woman Walking Her Dog, Threatened by Bat Wielding Thugs, Pulls Her Gun and Situation Ends Peacefully [Video]

Carrying a firearm does not mean you look for violent encounters. It doesn’t mean you attract them. It doesn’t even mean that you’ll ever have to let your concealed carry weapon see the light of day (or night). 196 more words

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