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“If I were king, dilly dilly, I’d need a queen. . . “ (as sung by Burl Ives)

Anyone who posts a recording of a Burl Ives song on Youtube with a picture of his gravestone ought to be able to spell (i.e. “copy”) Ives’s name correctly, don’t you think? 690 more words


What if the Supreme Court is Wrong About the Second Amendment?

I haven’t blogged in over a week because I was caught up reading in detail the Supreme Court decision dealing with the second Amendment (DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA… 5,832 more words

"Everytown for Gun Safety" Mistakenly Releases Ad in Defense of Gun Ownership

Bloomberg has rallied his troops and built a “grass-roots” coalition to defeat the evil NRA and all its violent, gun-loving freak members. To combat the NRA, they’ve created this potent ad that will strike terror into the hearts and minds of every gun nut — by  503 more words


The Right to Use Arms Limited to One’s Own Property By Thomas Jefferson: Why did the Supreme Court (#Scotus) pass over this point so superficially?

In the swirling debate about gun sense (#gunsense) and gun rights, in which I too have participated, it is not widely known or often noted that Thomas Jefferson, the author of the Declaration of Independence, the nation’s first vice president, and third president, espoused the position that: 1,706 more words

Right To Bear Arms

The Absent-Minded South Carolina Gun Nut

Wow! This is absolutely amazing! Check this out. Dateline: York, South Carolina. An obviously retarded ammosexual gun nut totes his little toy into the local Walmart store, waltzes right into the bathroom in the back of the store to take a good old Carolina country crap, places his firearm on top of the toilet paper dispenser, does his business, and forgets to take his little play pretty with him when he leaves. 326 more words

The Right to Bear Arms: A Right To Conscript Individuals To Military Service in State Constitutions

In earlier blogs, I have discussed how the right to bear arms is connected to the State’s right to marshal a militia for the security of the state: 3,819 more words

Metallica's Response

I previously suggested that Metallica would entirely ignore the ridiculous protestations of animal rights activists at the Glastonbury festival. 30 more words

Second Amendment