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Racing toward a slightly different conclusion

By Christopher Cudworth

A few weeks back I posted the photo shown in the featured image with a joking comment that it was good the police had the porta-potties protected. 1,994 more words

We Run And Ride Every Day

bill of rights killer: millennials

4th Amendment-1st Amendment-2nd Amendment, etc.

Its about 10 years until the millennials have the money and the jobs to assist the government in abolishing the Bill of Rights or at least the problematic ones that continually prevent those who can’t govern to manipulate. 53 more words

Patriot Killers

Stick a fork in her, Ferguson is done. Next?

Part of living Sustainably is understanding where threats come from. Some threats come from Mother Nature. Some threats are economic  in origin as inflation and  a  stumbling economy combine with severe unemployment to challenge our families and their safety.   947 more words

The Bubba Effect

Any Click's a Good Click?

Few things online frustrate me more than clicking a link and then landing on a page I already saw–ad nauseam–because they just relabeled the link, or turned out to be some list that may or may not include the link for what I wanted in the first place–if I could find it. 727 more words

They Seem to Have This in Common

Before I get started, let me say that I have no knowledge of whether or not Darren Wilson was justified in shooting Michael Brown. I’ll defer to the grand jurors who sifted through the evidence. 127 more words

Second Amendment

Armed Citizens Protect Businesses In Ferguson ~ Nuremberg Tribunal For Charlie Manson's Acolyte Al Sharpton.

From August Thru November 2014:

The riots and unrest in Ferguson, Missouri (reported by Misguidedchildren) are well known. One business owner stood his ground, exercised his constitutional 2nd Amendment rights, and protected his shop. 1,201 more words