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“A Nine-Year-Old Girl With An Uzi, Really?”

How does a nine-year-old girl get an Uzi 9mm submachine gun in her hands?  I am not a gun enthusiast but I am a supporter of the second amendment.   475 more words

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Okay, Now You're Going To Think I'm Crazy.

I have always been an observant person who is not afraid to speak the truth.   To Anybody.  Since I found I could make my own blog and write about things that are going all wrong and my opinion of it, I have been talking about the government and what it’s doing to the people of this great country.  959 more words

Another Day In Paradise

Triple Threat: Idiots, Guns and Children Make Perfect Storm for Dead Instructor

No offense for the loss, but the instructor instructing the 9-year-old in the Art of Uziism was probably the correct victim.

A stray grenade maybe should have taken out her parents, too. 190 more words


"Gun tourism"? How about gun idiocy with an Uzi?

Why would anyone think it was a good idea to teach a 9-year-old girl how to shoot an Uzi?

“Gun tourism” is apparently a growth industry to let those with itchy trigger fingers feel what it’s like to hold and operate a high-powered weapon. 828 more words

from The Book of Nash, Chapter 17, Verses 75 - 78

There’s a local ordinance,
still on the books back in Jersey,
makes it illegal to throw a tainted pickle across the street in Trenton.

‘nother one makes it unlawful to allow a pigeon to fly over the streets in Bayonne unless it’s licensed.

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U.S. Militia groups grow in numbers

Fear of the federal government’s interference with Second Amendment rights and suspicion that elected officials are ignoring the “will of the people” have provoked a resurgence of self-described patriots across the country who say they are preparing to defend themselves and their rights by any means necessary. 1,721 more words