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Sweet Punishment

I need no love! It’s promises are humbug

Show me not, for I see no worth

No steel had ever struck out a generous fire… 113 more words

Dating & Relationships

Lost Souls by Angel Sign

From the minute we are born, we begin to search for our destiny, our purpose in life, to find the path that will lead us on our journey to self- satisfaction, a sense of achievement and recognition. 312 more words


Sand, Sea & Nile Ranger

As Blackpool fans watched their club fumble from one crisis to the next this summer, the signing of the controversial Nile Ranger has almost gone unnoticed compared to the cancelled training camps and non existent playing squad that marked have marked Seasider’s pre-season program. 612 more words

You snooze......

you lose! Sizi is Dad’s usual helper but the other day when Dad started a project I noticed that Sizi was napping so I seized the opportunity to offer my help. 29 more words

Cat Adoption

Pulling Over

I have seen several people pulled over by the police in the last few weeks of summer as travel is winding down and deliveries of college students to their campuses are ramping up. 118 more words


From jealous to zealous

Friend: “Come on Gen, go and have some fun!”

Here we go, time to turn this into a good thing.

You wonder why I’m still here? 816 more words


Second Chance - McFabulous

This short but sweet song by McFabulous reminds me of Gold Panda, sunshine, summer, and track pants.  Check it out.