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Pamela El-Kik Shows Off Sexy Bikini Bod Underwater

Wow- we kinda wish we were underwater as well!

Pamela El-Kik has been enjoying her summer days recently and has shared some hot pics of her while swimming underwater. 54 more words

Celebrity News

The Seed.

If I would make a statement, that confusion state inside directs your health status, would you believe it? Well, it’s up to you, but I believe that confusion inside transforms into rejection on outside. 532 more words


Happiness is.....

finding/being that very special companion. Recently Hooper and Mathew “found” one another at SCAR and they knew right away that they were meant to share their lives together. 41 more words

Cat Adoption

Time To Cry Out!

The most difficult is to sit and do nothing. Like the blind Bartimaeus on a roadside in gospel of Mark chapter 10. Have you ever had the feeling, when you’re just sitting by your next level and you’re able to do nothing? 326 more words


Finding Freedom in Christ

Sally was pretty sure she was going to get into trouble and that thought made her nervous.  She looked out at her classmates scattered on the field in front of her and then down at the new black patent-leather Mary Jane’s she’d begged her mother to wear this morning and her mother’s warning invaded her thoughts, “Sally, if you wear these new Sunday shoes to school, you better be extra careful, because if they get ruined I don’t know what I’ll do.”  Sally shivered as the open threat found its mark.  743 more words

Christian Walk

THE Definitive Word on Marriage, Divorce, and Remarriage

While I am away speaking at one of my all-time favorite places on Earth (Hartland Christian Camp), the topic of this encore PODCAST is one of those subjects that touches us all, deeply and profoundly. 259 more words

Our God of Second Chances

Not again! Agh!!

Today’s car struggle might not have been as dramatic as the last, but it was entirely my fault. No one was hurt ( 730 more words