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Say what you mean to say

There’s a neighborhood watch sign from the city posted near our subdivision pool, and the tagline reads ‘Reducing Criminal Opportunity.’ As Chris and I walked Sophie this morning, I told him how I imagined that tagline being developed, in some meeting of twenty important people that starts off with a brainstorming session where everyone ‘throws out’ words and some quickly elected secretary writes them on a white board. 937 more words


The Story of E

“At least you witnessed the birth of the placenta,” I offered, smiling sheepishly at my husband, Chad.

“Yeah, thank goodness,” he responded.

One of my biggest fears leading up to E’s birth was that I wouldn’t know I was in labor, and give birth at home, in the car, or by the side of the road on the way to the hospital. 1,378 more words


Lessons from a second day with the baby

Following an exciting weekend of cleaning up the house and a quick visit with the grandparents, I was excited to spend another full day with the baby. 700 more words


Numba Two!

So I think I’ve told most people that read this blog already, but it may be a surprise for some of you….we’re having another baby! He’s due on February 24th (and we aren’t even telling our own mothers his name until it’s on the birth certificate ;) ). 705 more words


Here's To Number 2

When Michael and I discussed having children, we could always agree on one thing…two was the perfect number. However, after having Joshua, reality set in and I found my life full of the following things; 304 more words

16 Weeks

Today marks week 16 of my pregnancy.  I had another appointment with my obstetrician today as well.  She couldn’t find my baby’s heartbeat with the Doppler.   800 more words

Secondary Infertility