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2 week update

I cannot believe that it’s been 2 weeks since Claire was born!! Time is flying and this sweet girl gets cuter every day. Her sweet little personality is such a perfect addition to our family and we are all falling in love with her more and more every day. 1,170 more words


Wisdom in one so young

So this morning I sadly received a text from a friend whose second IVF cycle failed.  BFN as they say (well they say Big Fat Negative though admittedly the ‘F’ always meant something else in this house!)  I was so terribly sorry for her and angry at her misfortune and it took me right back to those dark days when I would just want to scream and shout at the lack of control I had over the result. 329 more words

Secondary Infertility

7 Ways I THINK Baby #2 Will Be Different

I was just at my OB/GYN’s office. “Thirty weeks, right?” her nurse asked me.

“Hmm, sounds right,” I replied. And then I thought how different this pregnancy, Baby G’s, has been from Little G’s. 734 more words


Giving Thanks + Keeping Up

So we’re adjusting to life with two. Everywhere I look, there is evidence of a newborn- and rightfully so, as we’ve had one laying around the house for about six weeks now. 2,236 more words

The Littlest Anderson(s)

Letter To my Unborn Second Child

My baby,

Are you a boy? Or a girl? Are you thinking, Mom do you not love me enough to know? Mom, you love Mariyah more than me? 688 more words


No please really, tell me more of your parenting stories of hell

I’ve written (or perhaps ranted) before about how pregnancy attracts the unsolicited advice, opinion and comment of every bastard in sniffing distance whether they happen to have any qualification on the matter or not… 733 more words

The NHS moves super-quick if they think you might be really sick

Or “One and Not done, Part Two”

I talked already about the Second Child discussion in our household. We moved back to the UK in April this year, after a long spell of mountain air in Switzerland. 1,323 more words