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The Evil of The Daleks - Review

The finale of Season 4 see’s the return of the Daleks and the introduction of the Dalek Emperor. Believe it or not this was intended to be the final ever Dalek story! 389 more words


Inside The Dalek

Another week, another kick ass performance by Peter Capaldi as the 12th Doctor. It’s only his second episode, and it’s like he has been the Doctor for ages. 119 more words


The Power of The Daleks - Review

For the first time in Doctor Who history we have a new incarnation of the Doctor, but there’s no time to waste as The Daleks return to cause trouble for his latest self! 551 more words


DW: Echoes of Grey

Here we go to listen to the next adventure of ‘the companion chronicles’.

It is featuring Zoe Heriot and the third doctor. Zoe and Jamie had one of the heartbreaking goodbyes in the Doctor Whos histery. 482 more words

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Foam, Screams, and Seaweed: Fury from the Deep

“Fury from the Deep” is one of the entirely lost stories from the Patrick Troughton era. A few clips survive (thank you, Australian censors!), but all the rest is missing. 1,666 more words

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Doctor Who Bible Stories

Last week I was helping out at a children’s holiday club in Shropshire. In between the madcap games, craft activities and singalongs, I spent most of my time thinking about the Second Doctor, for reasons I won’t divulge right  now.  388 more words

Doctor Who

Return of the Yeti: The Web of Fear

Brigadier Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart is one of the iconic characters in Doctor Who history.  For years, however, his debut story was lost to the BBC junkings of the 1970’s.   1,578 more words

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