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The Krotons

They land in a quarry, sorry planet, which Jamie refers to as smells of bad eggs. It’s another planet where there was some kind of fallout on the wasteland and it seems they are being enslaved by the Gonds. 129 more words

Doctor Who

The War Games - Review

The Second Doctors final adventure see’s him confront the villainous War Chief before finally returning to Gallifrey.

Of course this episode doesn’t just say goodbye to The Second Doctor but companions Jamie and Zoe who also depart. 755 more words


The Space Pirates - Review

The TARDIS lands in a spacon in Earths future, however Pirates soon turn up and take control.

This is the last adventure for The Second Doctor before his regeneration story, and he finds himself stuck in the middle of a battle between Space Pirates and the Interstellar Space Corps. 279 more words


The Krotons - Review

The Doctor and Companions arrive on the planet of the Gonds, who are being ruled over as slaves by the Krotons!

Here we have the debut for the very talented and popular Doctor Who writer, Robert Holmes, he provides a lot of memorable stories, characters and creations to the Whoniverse and it all starts here as he gives us The Krotons.  279 more words


The Mind Robber - Review

Continuing immediately from The Dominators, we see the TARDIS crew escape from the volcanic eruption on Dulkis by moving the TARDIS out of time and space and into a void. 377 more words


The Dominators - Review

With a new companion it’s time to kick start a brand new season for the show, Season 6 begins, Troughons final Season!

The Doctor, Jamie and Zoe discover Dominators who plan to drop a radioactive seed into the core of the planet Dulkis. 210 more words