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Shipping Doctors

So, I’m watching BBC’s “Doctor Who” in order from the beginning and I JUST finished the Second Doctor and am about 5min. into the first episode of the Third Doctor. 316 more words


Pirates and Peanut Butter

Had a much better morning today as there was no hammering. Also, my first thoughts were of the video I watched before bed; Ji Chang Wook’s phone  video from his Twitter ^_^ Such a lovely way to come into consciousness. 447 more words


Once upon a time there was. . . A glowbrush?

Was woken up early by hammering in the backyard. Made me so frustrated that I cried and was miserable for hours because of the shock it put my body in. 370 more words


The Underwater Menace

For the latest Diddly Dum Podcast, I sat in an adrenalin filled public bar in the Gore row Hotel.  The energy of the music seemed to push the excitement I felt for The Underwater Menace.   408 more words

Doctor Who

The Enemy of the World

Rediscovered Who,fantastic. Finally getting to see it months after buying it.

Yet another start with more comedic elements. I’d heard a lot of good things about the start and it doesn’t disappoint. 670 more words

Doctor Who

The Two Doctors

TARDIS Coordinates: March 16, 1985

I first saw “The Two Doctors” at a convention – coincidentally, the same Boston convention where I “met” Peter Davison. Wasn’t able to stick around for the whole of it, or, in fact, for the entire second episode; had a plane to catch. 1,358 more words

Second Doctor

Picture of the Day - 30th March 2014

Cosplayers: Sam Rendell and Holly Rose
Characters: Second Doctor and Jamie
Tardis: Old Girl
Photo by: Furball Costumes

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