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The Faceless Ones - Review

The TARDIS arrives on Earth, 1966. Soon Polly is kidnapped and Ben disappears, it’s up to The Doctor and Jamie to save them, with the help of Samantha Briggs. 465 more words


The Moonbase - Review

The TARDIS lands on the moon in the year 2070, they find a weather control station that has been poisoned, they soon discover that the Cybermen are here! 586 more words


The Underwater Menace - Review

The TARDIS crew discover Atlantis! Here they meet the fish people and the insane Professor Zaroff, explaining a lot behind the legend and mystery of Atlantis. 277 more words


I don’t have the time today to do my planned longish review (on Revelation of the Daleks), so instead I plan to entertain those readers who, like me, are keeping fingers crossed for the recovery of more missing episodes. 404 more words

119 - The Two Doctors

This was a story that severely disappointed me when I got my hands on the DVD. As a youngster I had rather enjoyed the other multi-doctor stories ( 636 more words

The Dominators

Season 6 already. We see the main protagonists at the start landing on the planet followed by some tourists off for a jaunt, much like in Midnight. 549 more words

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The Macra Terror - Review

The Second Doctor and his companions Polly, Ben and Jamie visit a human colony, it seems like a joyous place. Until they soon discover the deadly Macra… 266 more words