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The Dominators

Season 6 already. We see the main protagonists at the start landing on the planet followed by some tourists off for a jaunt, much like in Midnight. 549 more words

Doctor Who

The Macra Terror - Review

The Second Doctor and his companions Polly, Ben and Jamie visit a human colony, it seems like a joyous place. Until they soon discover the deadly Macra… 266 more words


DW: Destiny of the Doctor – Shadow of Death

So here is the second part of ‘Destiny of the Doctor’. The second doctor is featured in this story with Jamie McCrimmon and Zoe Heriot. Both really amazing companions. 195 more words

My Opinion

The Missing Episodes Part 3 (c) - The Evil of the Daleks

This is the story that, more than any other, I would most like to see recovered to the BBC archives and released on DVD. Reading the… 590 more words

Puffin Novels regenerated

With Peter Capaldi’s debut Series ongoing, Puffin have regenerated their Doctor Who novels! Featuring Doctors 1-12, these books give new adventures for each Doctor, as listed below. 138 more words

Behind The Scenes

The Missing Episodes Part 3 (b) - The Moonbase

This post also goes by the title: “Why the omnirumour ought to be resolved ASAP” – for reasons I shall now explain.

This is how November 2013 should have gone. 427 more words

The Missing Episodes Part 3 (a) - The Power of the Daleks

My next three posts were framed by the following question: “Which three currently missing stories would I most want to see returned to the BBC Archives?” As it turns out, every one of the stories I would most like to see can be found in Patrick Troughton’s first season as the Doctor, Season Four, beginning with his debut story… 539 more words