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Writing a third novel and still doubting

Imagine that you’re writing your third novel and still doubt that you can be a writer.

Last September I completed a novel. Not just a first draft, or a second structural draft, or a third draft tightening everything up, but the final, read it all aloud, every single word, draft and I have three chapters and a synopsis all polished and looking good. 760 more words


Two Years of my Writing Journey

 It seems crazy but it’s been a little over two years since  I started this blog.  My first blog was aimed mostly towards using fairy tales as inspiration for stories, but when I started this blog I wanted it to be more about my adventures in writing as a whole – which doesn’t always include fairy tales. 147 more words


Here we go.

This is it, guys.

Do you see that stack of papers, seemingly innocuous, wrapped in a cord and sitting on my mess of a desk/dining room table? 111 more words


Be open to the feedback you'll get.

You’re going to get criticism. You’re going to be told to change things. Be able to process these sort of things productively. 

A common thread I’ve seen throughout my research about writing and publishing is that it’s often hard for writers to hear feedback and constructive criticism about their work. 345 more words


Festival of Books

Went to the Festival of Books this weekend in Los Angeles.

Guys, it was so exciting!

For any of you that are writing, I recommend going to an event like this. 327 more words


A long way to discovery

How far would you go to get inspiration?

It seems as though a 6k trip was on the books for me!

I recently had to travel to Thailand for work – delivering training, and attending a conference. 161 more words


Explanation paper second draft


Business is a very popular major among Chinese students. Most Chinese students, however, choose to enter into business schools because of their parents and other factors like employment and conformity. 749 more words