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Editing in action - part three

A week ago I gave a detailed, blow-by-blow account of how the first part of my Prologue went from First Draft status to Second-Draft-after-the-nitpick. Today’s post takes a closer look at the second half of my prologue, which is where things get really tricky. 1,768 more words


Moments of Completion

Last night at 1:36AM I experienced the momentary ecstasy of release that comes when you complete a creative project. Sorry to be vulgar but in my case, it really does feel like the elimination of excrement. 721 more words


The Second Draft: The Initial Edits

For some reason, I have been completely unmotivated in revising my project. It’s not that I don’t want to get it ready for someone else to read it—I absolutely do. 567 more words

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Writing Wednesday Workshop: Conquering the 2nd Draft

Hello fellow writers!  Please forgive the absence of last week’s workshop. I was busy cramming four weeks of editing and revising into two days to prepare… 538 more words


Starting the Second Draft

Reading through the first draft with fresh eyes, and making notes was an excellent experience. I saw areas where I really liked my writing, where it flowed and created some great imagery. 373 more words

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The Read-Through

I just finished my first full read-through of my project.

And, surprising no one, my feelings are complicated. Part of me was disappointed that it hadn’t magically become perfect, that it did have serious flaws, and that at least the first portion will probably need pretty extensive rewrites. 235 more words

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The Downsides of a First Draft

It’s practically ubiquitous writing advice to write a first draft, then wait, then go back and revise it to perfection. And it’s advice I’ve given here, and believe in, that you need to write a crappy first draft just to get the words out. 371 more words