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Write the Novel — How many drafts are enough?

Since January, I’ve blogged about writing a novel, starting with a global theme and working through the zero draft (an unfinished manuscript), which becomes the first draft when we finish it. 746 more words

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Second Draft

About to start the second draft of my very first novel. I am taking until January to spend some time needed away from the novel before I start the process of perfecting it. 113 more words


The Road to Being Published

Yet another Wednesday, so time for another update.

I’m so excited about how far I’ve come on Days of the Kill. I have my third chapter almost done with editing for the second draft. 325 more words


The Road to Being Published

Another Wednesday, another update.

I guess not much has really changed. I’m still getting closer every day to being done with my second draft of Days of The Kill. 329 more words


And relax

This time last week I was giving myself a serious talking to. The end of the second draft was tantalisingly close, but I just couldn’t see how I was going to get it done. 455 more words

Write the Novel — Dawdle and Plant Seeds

We’re almost done with the second draft. We’ve looked at how this draft is the place to strengthen our voice, build emotional muscle, knead a story into shape, and let go of things we may love, but which aren’t working. 540 more words

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Seeking Beta Readers....

Hi folks.

Sorry I’ve been a bit absent in recent days – just had to power through a second draft of my newest novel that was in rough shape after the first draft. 579 more words