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The Read-Through

I just finished my first full read-through of my project.

And, surprising no one, my feelings are complicated. Part of me was disappointed that it hadn’t magically become perfect, that it did have serious flaws, and that at least the first portion will probably need pretty extensive rewrites. 235 more words

My Writing

The Downsides of a First Draft

It’s practically ubiquitous writing advice to write a first draft, then wait, then go back and revise it to perfection. And it’s advice I’ve given here, and believe in, that you need to write a crappy first draft just to get the words out. 371 more words


You Know What They Say About First Dates...

You’re sitting too close to me today, your shoulders melting into the rest of your body, your face- an expanse of white noise. I’d say something but your head’s bent low, like you’re either listening intently or trying to sleep with your eyes open and I am not sure which so I let it be. 464 more words


Approaching the second draft

Perhaps my experiences of writing a second draft are fairly general or possibly not. I wouldn’t really know and I had no idea what to expect when I began work (maybe there’s lots out there about how to write and develop a novel, but I haven’t seen any of it). 501 more words

Young Adult

Let it Go (Reprise)

Remember what I said at the beginning of the month, about going back to finish Gwen’s story?

Well, I decided it’s not the right time yet–for a number of reasons. 79 more words


Yet another writing class...

Why is it that every time that I feel like my writing isn’t going well I think that I am going to somehow magically fix my manuscript by taking yet another writing class? 304 more words


Editing Tip #44


First Draft Fears, Second Draft Jitters ~

I know I’ve said it time and again but you absolutely must re-read your first draft before anyone else sets eyes on it. 472 more words