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Chapter 20: The End of an Era

Only a little bit longer, and I’m going to be a grandfather.  As we all await D-day (the name we use for Aurora’s due date), all of us get more excited.  1,055 more words


Chapter 16: Moving Forward

My birthday was today… but I didn’t feel like celebrating.  No one did.  So I let the sparkles hit quietly, on my own.  I’m an adult now.  1,598 more words


Chapter 2: The Dragon Prince

My pregnancy progressed rather smoothly, though I am ashamed to say that I was fairly ignorant about such things at the time.  Aside from my rapidly expanding middle and a craving for a dish called ‘spaghetti’, it wasn’t difficult.  1,098 more words



Elsa rested on the couch, waiting for her niece to put Tempest and Perseus down for their nap. Typhoon was taking a joy ride on the couch next to her, Elsa hid her giggles behind her hand. 705 more words

The first month and being a second generation immigrant

It is the 3rd of August. Today marks one month that I have been away from home. I thought of opening with, ‘Today marks one month that I have been in Europe,’ but I think the former is more significant (or is it?) I am not particularly homesick, but exhausted. 874 more words