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Chapter 2: The Dragon Prince

My pregnancy progressed rather smoothly, though I am ashamed to say that I was fairly ignorant about such things at the time.  Aside from my rapidly expanding middle and a craving for a dish called ‘spaghetti’, it wasn’t difficult.  1,098 more words



Elsa rested on the couch, waiting for her niece to put Tempest and Perseus down for their nap. Typhoon was taking a joy ride on the couch next to her, Elsa hid her giggles behind her hand. 705 more words

The first month and being a second generation immigrant

It is the 3rd of August. Today marks one month that I have been away from home. I thought of opening with, ‘Today marks one month that I have been in Europe,’ but I think the former is more significant (or is it?) I am not particularly homesick, but exhausted. 874 more words


Nautilus had let her human spoil over the years since the nasty green fairy left, although she wished the fairy had taken the red ghost with her. 377 more words

Angry Second-generation Immigrants - New Canadian Media

Richard Landau on radicalization and second-generation immigrants. Not very conclusive, understandably, as there are no simple solutions.

And Leiken, the author of a recent Foreign Policy article cited, fails to link to the broader social and economic context of the various approaches to diversity: 348 more words


Cloud の調査:マイグレーションの期間は終わり、クラウドだからこそ実現できる ネイティブ・アプリの時代が始まる

Cloud Computing: The Coming Second Cloud Front will Be Even More Transformative
By Dick Weisinger – July 16th, 2014

“The coming second cloud front will be transformative…   Applications, which are only possible in the cloud, will result in an order of magnitude greater value creation than the first cloud front,” … 241 more words



Welcome to the diaspora+development website. 

This blog aims to provide update and information about current PhD research project on activism among children of migrants and their role in the diaspora and development debate.  136 more words