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Idea 130: Silent Directions

This is a bit of fun that you can use to help focus your class’ attention, or to help bring down the noise level of your classroom. 241 more words


Little masterpieces: The final product

All students in Pre-First, First Grade, and Second Grade transformed blank index cards into colorful namecards that we taped to my wall on “mini field trips” to my office. 72 more words

First Grade

Idea 129: Paper airplane glider (no tape needed)

This is a nice little project that only requires paper. No scissors or tape required.

Take your paper and fold it diagonally:

Fold over one end in thin strips several times: 102 more words

First Grade

Guest Post: Learning By Observing At A Waldorf School

My guest post tonight comes from long-time reader Bonnie.  Bonnie recently had the good fortune to go and observe a first grade main lesson period,  a second grade German class and a second grade Handwork class at a Waldorf school. 2,487 more words


What's the Matter? Molecules, Atoms, and Elements

I started this week having no idea what to study.  We are closing in on the final piece of the semester, and I figured we would just focus on some key concepts that I wanted to cement before the end of the year: random language arts concepts (alliteration, anyone?), similes, more time on capitalization and punctuation…Matt has been pushing ahead with some more complicated math concepts (2 and 3 digit addition), etc. 723 more words

Luck O' the Limericks!

The only challenge with holiday-themed weeks of school is that it becomes obviously apparent when I blog about them a month later that I am a bit behind…but such is life. 863 more words

When I Was Young

Oh… My… Did I ever look so young? This must be the Second or Third grade I think…

This was my “Timmy and Lassie” look. I think… 917 more words

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