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Idea 147: Mental Maths Game 'Find 30 Facts'

This is a maths game that a lecturer introduced me to; I’ve finally had chance to use it in a class and the kids absolutely loved it. 221 more words

First Grade

'Signs of Autumn' Adventure and Collages

It was a misty morning last Thursday when English Class kindergarten pupils, along with English Class first and second graders, set off on their autumn adventure. 106 more words

Cygnaeus School English Classes

What Do You Get When You Cross a Radical Liberal Feminist with a Psycho Snack Mom?

What do you get when you cross a radical liberal feminist with a psycho snack mom?

Vagina cookies!

Seriously, folks, in case you hadn’t heard, some psycho nut-job of a mom baked vagina cookies, delivered them to her kid’s second grade classroom and became unhinged when the teacher politely refused to serve them to her students because (as said teacher calmly pointed out to psycho mom) VAGINA COOKIES ARE NOT APPROPRIATE SNACKS FOR SEVEN YEAR OLD CHILDREN. 774 more words

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Schoolyard Orienteering

English Class first and second graders tried out their orienteering skills in Cygnaeus School’s schoolyard. Pupils were given a map of the school yard with places to find marked on the map. 55 more words

Cygnaeus School English Classes

2ND GRADE, 1979-1980

I posted this awesome class picture on my Facebook page for ‘throwback Thursday’ last week.

Isn’t it awesome?  I thought it was.  I don’t really remember that much about 2nd grade, but here are a few things. 521 more words


Being "Tuned In"

In our classroom counseling lessons last week, First and Second Graders demonstrated how carefully “tuned in” they can be to what’s going on in the classroom. 308 more words


I believe the children are our future...

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