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Week One... Crushed It!

With a limited amount of time to set up my classroom, every minute mattered. Between creating class sets of subject folders that students would use throughout the year, or decorating our bulletin boards, I was busy right up until the bell rang. 470 more words


Summer, We Hardly Knew Ye: a shameless moment of mommybloggery

My kids have started school, and it is glorious. With my daughter starting kindergarten, and my son the grizzled veteran of scholastics at the ripe old grade of second, this is the first year that both of them are off to the learning place all day. 931 more words

Functional Dysfunction

I’m sitting at a dinner table, listening to my aunt describe how smoking pot now is “freaking her out because the rituals remind her of when she used to do crystal (meth) with my mom.” “You probably were old enough to remember that,” she says, as she mimics in front of me the exact process of using a rszor blade to cut up and separate the drug. 357 more words


The Box Project Begins by Ms. Trowbridge's 2nd grade

We’re back!  I am fortunate to have the opportunity to travel with most of my first grade students from last year to 2nd grade.  We are looking forward to blogging our way through our PBL projects this year.   208 more words

2nd Grade

The Cry-Less Class

FICTION- 2,500 words.

Her name was Kay. She was seven years old, and attended an elementary school in north suburban Massachusetts. Every so often, maybe two or three times a month, Kay would cry in class. 2,682 more words


Secrets To Teaching Multiple Aged Children- Week 4

There may come a point where you will be teaching more than one grade level at the same time.  This can be a challenge.  However, with a little patience and prep work your day can run as smoothly as a… 1,005 more words

Crazy for Crocheting

English Class second graders are feeling pretty good about themselves and their new found skill of crocheting. They have learned to do the chain stitch and just look at the lengths they have made! 16 more words

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