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Building a drawing

The second graders’ last project of the year incorporated building and drawing together.

Students worked together to build many wonderful types of buildings and structures. 98 more words


Don't be a chef when you grow up.

Second grade:

TONY: *screaming* I LIKE TO EAT THE SPIDERS!!!!!!!

Apropos of NOTHING.

Google Translate is nowhere near fluent

We all know the Google Translate is a dangerous bitch. I remember trying to cheat on my French homework back in the 90s and getting burned by Babelfish. 58 more words

Literally a Shit Sandwich

ME: “Do you like pizza?”
SECOND GRADER: “No, I don’t. Do you like diarrhea hamburgers?”

The temptation to reply with “Only if your mom made them!” was terrible, but I settled for pretend to gnaw on his brains like a zombie. 24 more words


Because teachers spend most of their summer prepping (at least mentally) for the new school year (wait – is that just me?), my brain was full of pinterest-esque ideas for revamping my Hollywood themed classroom. 301 more words

Interactive Student Notebooks in an Elementary Classroom

For the last few years I struggled to incorporate ISN’s into my classroom. After I decided that I wanted them in my class, I eagerly google searched to discover how to use them. 592 more words

How To

The Power of SOI Certfied Learning

​I first learned about SOI in 1988 when my son was floundering in third grade. After SOI testing at a center in Carrollton, he completed a few weeks of SOI summer camp and attended weekly sessions throughout his fourth grade year. 683 more words