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Remind Me Again Why I Thought This Was a Good Idea?

I had some free time on my hands and I  thought that picking a second job up as a swim instructor, would be a great idea.   113 more words

Is This You?

Whether you make $30K or $100K a year, you cannot build true wealth with debt on your shoulders! It’s time to kick the debt by: 190 more words

Top Performers

I work full time in an office 50 minutes away from my home. About a month ago, I took on a second job, 20 hours a week, that is about 40 minutes away from my home and my second job. 484 more words

Time Management

Once again it has been some time since I have updated.  This is because I started a new job this month and my schedule radically changed.  1,074 more words


1. 基于wechat朋友关系的分账应用

2. 基于wechat朋友关系或独立的婚礼邀请及礼物清单应用(甚至于礼金系统) + 请帖制作专用应用

3. 病人病例管理应用(支持图片的云端存储)

4. Send job Project!!