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Rise and Rise of Zero Hours Contracts

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Are these contracts positive or negative in your view?

I am aware the Government proposes changes to present legislation to enable those on these contracts can take second or third jobs to ensure they earn some money. 11 more words



It’s only been four days since I turned 24. Usually, it’s nothing special—turning 24. It’s basically just that. You’ve aged another year. Blahblah. Yet, somehow things have gone better than I’ve expected. 692 more words


Ah, Mud Fever...

Another joy of owning a horse!!  Moisture gets under the hair, mostly on the legs, it gets trapped in there and it starts to create sores. 235 more words

Exhausted Already...

I started my new job this week and I’m already showing fatigue and I didn’t have to work Saturday which was a huge bonus.  Makes getting into this whole thing a bit easier.  200 more words

Can you handle the risk factor?

Starting anything new involves risk.
A new relationship.
A new job.
A new course of study.
A new brand of coffee (come on, we’ve all been disappointed when we switch from our favourite coffee and try something new.) 225 more words


4am, you make me happy.

In light of getting my blood test results back, I have decided it is time to get some of my life back. I’ve been feeling pretty good lately, almost too good, you know when you can’t sleep because you’re just not tired enough? 879 more words

Life Conquering