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Learn a language at any age

A great piece in the Guardian, “Am I too old to learn a new language?” The answer is no.

‘Despite the difficulties, Black regards learning foreign languages as fun, and treats the endeavour like a puzzle that has to be solved.

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Language Learning

Paper #1 (ENG 810) – History of Second-Language Writing within Composition Studies

Second language writing in its common usage has two distinct functions. On the one hand, it is a catchall term that encompasses writing in any language other than the writer’s “native” language (a problematic term in itself, I realize).

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Parlez-vous Français?

“Its OK not to know, its not OK not to try.” Erwan Sorel,  CEO/Instructor at L’École Française

To illustrate what its like to live in a country where you don’t speak the language, I am going to share a story with you. 

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"Mind your language!"

Yesterday, my star colleague expressed interest in improving her knowledge in the English language. I was assigned, then, the daunting task of compiling an “English as a second language” course for her. 343 more words

Learning Languages: Profitable or Detrimental?

Have you ever had the desire to learn more languages? Have you ever had communication constraints while traveling abroad? Did you have any curiosity of knowing what those vietnamese or asian nail workers said about you or anyone while they were doing your nails? 1,146 more words


Reading in a Second Language: A New Empathy for Slow Readers

I am a voracious reader. I have never understood how someone doesn’t get the same thrill from reading that I do. Reading transports you to a different world and introduces you to different people, albeit not usually real ones in my case as I much prefer fiction to non-fiction. 628 more words


Resume Tip

Do you speak a second language?  Is that on your resume?  Are you the holder of dual passports?  Is that on your resume?  Either of those two things may give an extra edge in a particular job search.

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