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Dear Dale,


Things are starting to feel a lot more normal around here, it’s been 6 weeks since we arrived and I think we’re getting the hang of things. 741 more words

Why ordering a kebab made me homesick

Lunchtime rolled around on Thursday and I couldn’t decide what I wanted. I’m spending too much money lately so my original plan had been to go home and prepare something here, but I’d discovered, that morning, that both the corn and the tomatoes had rotted far more quickly than expected. 595 more words



A quick explanation of my experience:
My native language is English (with a hint of Russian). However from a young age I was exposed to several languages, but not often or much. 575 more words


5 Reasons to Teach Your Child a Second Language

The effects of learning a foreign language on the developing brain of a child are significant and offer major advantages over children who only learn one language. 707 more words

Tuned In Parents

What I learned when I tried to learn French.

I thought learning French in time for my trip would be doable. I mean, Jamie became semi-fluent in Portuguese in a few weeks in Love Actually— 137 more words


CBSE Sanskrit Week: Tamil parties with Sanskrit ‘Dravida’ names oppose mela - Jayasree Saranathan

Our ‘Dravida’ leaders are worried that Sanskrit would hurt ‘national integrity’. It is funny that  the self avowed guardians of Tamil have not known that Tamil is actually a language integrated with Sanskrit! 1,593 more words


The Benefits of Failing at French - NYTimes.com

On the benefits of learning a second language in terms of brain training and “fitness.”

So for all those public servants who struggled to learn French, think of the fringe benefits as you get older: 208 more words