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NCSSFL-ACTFL Can-Do Statements: How Proficient are your Students?

My slideshare in which I describe what the NCSSFL-ACTFL Can-Do Statements are, their benefits and suggestions for use based on my classroom use of them. 103 more words

Foreign Language

Tool boxes


Why is translating nearly impossible when learning another language? 355 more words


Daily Vocabulary Vs Verbs

What do think is more necessary nouns or verbs? Most of us believe that nouns are more important than anything else, but we’re wrong… 342 more words


Merry Monday: A Few Words from the Interwebs

Merry Monday…for a few more hours anyway.  Am writing offline for upload in the morning. Adaptability helps.

Saluton. Mia nomo estas Ronda. Mi volas lerni Esperanton.  862 more words

Merry Monday

Face it!

A human face is one of the more powerful communicating devices in nature, let’s learn a few things about faces. 419 more words


Modern Language Culture -Like it

Many modern language teachers love to return to the target language country. They enjoy the food. They delight in walking the streets to soak up the culture.   298 more words

Modern Language

Anyone Else Talk Shit In Their Native Language?

The good thing about speaking Bahasa Indonesia is that virtually nobody understands you (not me anyways because my accent is horrible) when you’re traveling. People are too busy speaking Chinese or Spanish that you can get away talking all kinds of nonsense and people won’t even notice. 727 more words