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20 weeks

Half Way!!!
So the biggest news this week is that we found out that baby is a GIRL!!! Cue shocked expressions….The night before we found out we jokingly asked friends and family members to cast their final votes and the result was overwhelmingly “boy!” Brett and I (and Leah!) were also firmly planted in team boy. 972 more words


favorite things: second trimester addition

Believe it or not, I’m closing in on the end of my second trimester! This pregnancy has been so hectic. Poor little girl won’t know what hit her. 814 more words


Jessica Simpson’s Boobs Tightened!

Jessica Simpson finding real pleasure in showing off her newly toned figure.
Following her second pregnancy she lost 65 pounds. She became so sexy and wanna expose that covering so less! 104 more words


Week 13 Stats (Baby 2.0)

Pax had to be in the picture. Isn’t she darling?

How Far Along: 13 weeks.
First pregnancy’s post from within this week!

Baby size and random info: 567 more words

19 weeks

19 weeks! Updates for this week include……Another lb gained, baby is starting to move like CRAZY (the movements are still like little light flutters, but when baby kicks hard enough I’m starting to feel him/her from the outside if my hand is… 541 more words


18 weeks

I’m not crazy about these pictures because of the weird shadowing, but that’s what happens when you make your husband take them at 7 pm… 386 more words


I Know You're There, Sweet Boy

Hi Baby Boy,

Twenty three weeks.  That’s how long you and I have been together, getting to know each other a little more each and every day.   851 more words