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Real Advice for Mothers Expecting a Second Child (Guest Post, Part 1)

A few weeks ago, I reached out to my community of amazing women and asked for some advice on becoming a mother of two children. I asked only one question: “What do you wish someone had told you about having a second baby?” I was blown away by the responses I received. 912 more words


welcome home, sweet girl

In the unlikely chance you don’t know me in real life, let me clue you in to the reason for the radio silence:

As I write this, I’m watching her sleep peacefully across the room. 148 more words


Pregnancy Chronicles: Week 23

I am finally back at work and I haven’t been diligently documenting my pregnancy. Peanut is 23 weeks old in my belly and he has reminded me what I love the most about pregnancy: feeling his gently kicks. 552 more words

Mommy Musings

The Second Pregnancy

Dulu waktu hamil pertama antusias banget nyatetin segala perkembangan si jabang bayi, sekarang kok udah nggak antusias lagi, ya? Mungkin kehamilan kedua sambil ngurusin anak pertama yang masih menyusui itu lebih merepotkan dan melelahkan (ngga pake nanny), jadi ngga ada energi dan semangat lagi buat ngedokumentasikan kehamilan kedua, hehehe. 320 more words


17 Weeks

Mmmmm, its a delicious fall morning. It rained last night, and the three of us all sleeping in one bed could hear it through the sliding glass door. 647 more words

Pregnancy #2 - 6 weeks

Today I’ve been for my first doctors appointment, which was extremely quick and straightforward. We’ve decided we’re going to go to Kingston Hospital this time around – it’s the closest one to us and quite a few of the mums I know gave birth there and said it’s ok. 317 more words


Second Pregnancy: Weeks 15-19 (Continued Pregnancy Catch-up)

***Almost caught up!  I think the next update will be in real-time…woohoo!***

So these weeks were somewhat uneventful (which is good), so this update will be semi-short and sweet.   398 more words