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26 weeks

I was too tired to put on real pants for this week’s photo, so yoga pants will have to do!
Also, in all the hoopla of Leah’s birthday last week, I totally forgot to take a 25 week update picture, whoops! 341 more words


TTT — Parking, Piccies, Pregnancy

Great parking when I needed it

This piece of gratitude actually came about the week Andrea and Ben were here. I hadn’t included it in last week’s list because going all swoony over parking is, frankly, a little embarrassing. 435 more words


Why we found out.

This time around we decided to find out what we were carrying. It’s funny because before I was pregnant with my first I was dead set on finding out, but then we ended up waiting. 490 more words

24 weeks

So I had the best intentions when it came to posting pregnancy updates from New York, but then of course I never did so I ended up missing two weeks of updates. 755 more words


Hyperemesis - It's Almost Over

This could be premature, but for today’s lunch I had fried rice with salted fish. Half way through the plate I felt like crying. My appetite has come back, my taste buds have started to be normal again. 48 more words



I’m uncomfortable.

The lying on the bed doesn’t feel good.

The couches don’t feel good.

I’m tired of lying on the recliner.

I feel so stretched out (that reminds me, I’m long overdue for a belly pic). 82 more words

Bun In The Oven..

The Life Lesson from Hyperemesis Gravidarum

I have always felt that my biggest strength and also my biggest weakness is the optimistic, I-can-do-it-if-I-want-to attitude.

It is on the most extreme end of the spectrum if you look at it from a difference perspective. 958 more words