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Second Wave Feminism

Second Wave Feminism gave us the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (well, feminism and several other minority groups), but it also gave us this idea that we can turn men into fragile little flowers that future generations of females would love. 258 more words


The Australian Sex Party, Reactionary Trotskyists, and Bullying Women Out of the Left: The Real 'Third Wave'

What do these three things have in common?

Anyone who is a radical feminist and has ever been to Melbourne would be able to tell you. 1,214 more words

An Airport Meeting with the Legendary Carol Downer

On October 2 I had the pleasure of meeting for several hours with the famous second-wave feminist Carol Downer. For those who don’t know, Downer (born in 1933) was one of the founders of the women’s medical self-help movement. 632 more words

An Open Letter to Joelle Fraser

Joelle Fraser is a memiorist and (soon to be) novelist. She has been published by Random House and Counterpoint Press to critical acclaim. She is also my editor. 1,456 more words


Why second-wave feminism is the cancer of feminist ideology

I think I’ve found the problem with feminism. It’s not feminism per se because thinking that is nothing but sexism. It is second-wave feminism that is the problem, a form of feminism that is obsessed with sexual desire and pleasure. 1,092 more words