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living in the age of subtlety - a critique of contemporary feminism part I

A critique of contemporary feminism has been one of my big goals with this blog. I want to begin to write a series of posts related to this topic and break them up with more current events as I move along. 1,466 more words

The Bexleyheath teacher, the judge's comments, and our construction of victims and villains

Back in my early teenage years I had this intense desire to become a singer. This lead onto singing lessons and my taking a GCSE in music (which I couldn’t complete due to my health). 1,022 more words


The case for feminism

I have written numerous blogs tracking the second wave of feminism (1960s-1970s and on).  See for example http://clarespark.com/2012/09/04/links-to-blogs-on-feminism/. This blog is part of a two-part series: … 759 more words


She's Beautiful When She's Angry

Showing from January 16th-22nd
Where: Seven Gables Theatre, 911 NE 50th St
Cost: $10.50, buy tickets here

“She’s Beautiful When She’s Angry” resurrects the buried history of the outrageous, often brilliant women who founded the modern women’s movement from 1966 to 1971. 124 more words

Film Screening

A review of The Second Sex by Simone de Beauvoir

I understand the impact of this book and I agree with some of the critiques it makes, though I would not use the same arguments, I’m also against historical materialism. 11,103 more words


Anti-Suffrage Fallacies Would be More Appropriate!

Poppy Brooks

Today feminism is heralded as a dirty word, a word which conveys a meaning that women no longer want to associate themselves with. It conjures images of the militant, the man-hater, the embittered woman. 1,209 more words

Tsunami Warning: Category 4

Seismologists have warned of a wave threatening to wipe out aspects of mankind along the east coast of Australia. Reports vary but from measurements and comparison of past waves hitting that area, this could be a disaster of catastrophic proportions set to cost the Government millions. 307 more words