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Anti-Suffrage Fallacies Would be More Appropriate!

Poppy Brooks

Today feminism is heralded as a dirty word, a word which conveys a meaning that women no longer want to associate themselves with. It conjures images of the militant, the man-hater, the embittered woman. 1,209 more words

Tsunami Warning: Category 4

Seismologists have warned of a wave threatening to wipe out aspects of mankind along the east coast of Australia. Reports vary but from measurements and comparison of past waves hitting that area, this could be a disaster of catastrophic proportions set to cost the Government millions. 307 more words

Black Feminism in the Second Wave of Feminism

Why aren’t Black Feminist organizations in the second wave of feminism a well researched topic until recent times? Why is it suddenly capturing the interest of recent scholars? 336 more words