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Why winning makes you a loser.

I recently visited a temple where there the usual pushing, pulling, groping(some people never pass on an opportunity), punching, poking-your-eye-you get the point, basically anything that gets them a spot before you to bow their heads down to a deity probably praying for world peace, was replaced with a sense of calm and patience. 549 more words


Bangladeshi Restaurant Hard Life In Kitchen In Haire London

Bangladeshi Restaurant Hard Life In Kitchen In Haire London.

Use this London Restaurants’ Mobile Directory when you’re out and about in London. Can be viewed on any devices.

Day 26: Left

60 Second Word

To the left.

Left behind.

A direction isn’t as simple as that.Someone can disregard your directions. It can either help or hinder them. 60 more words

Short Story

Toddler Tolerance

I wanted to post about this very special toddler. Her second birthday is this week! I did a photo shoot with Ms. Kyleigh when she was a year and six months. 275 more words

Photo Shoot

COVER REVEAL - Second by Chantal Fernando


AUTHOR: Chantal Fernando 


The first time he saw me fall was in pain.

The second was in love—with him.

It wasn’t meant to happen. 79 more words

Cover Reveal

60 Second Word: Souvenir

It’s all so damn expensive–when you go for a trip. To remember the good times (or the bad too I guess?) you’re supposed to get a souvenir–but it’s like the shop keepers go, hey, this guy is from out of town, let’s make everything cost a million dollars–because the only people that buy souvenirs are those from out of town, right? 45 more words

Short Story