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Levelling the playing field: How to create an actual meritocracy

One of the first heated debates I had when I started University (the first of many, I might add) was concerning whether or not the UK’s education system was a ‘meritocracy’. 695 more words

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Is My College Education Losing Value?

Today, I read several articles about the depreciation of a college diploma, claiming that high school education is just not enough in today’s job market. They cite reasons such as disintegration of the public school system, decreasing wages, 275 more words

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A Thank-You to Library Workers: National Library Week

Library workers aren’t just caretakers of books. They’re caretakers of the children who read them. I have such wonderful memories of my little school library when I was growing up. 328 more words


School Choice Caucus enters Congress

The Congressional School Choice Caucus is the first group of its kind on Capitol Hill. Parents and lawmakers joined forces March 25 for the inaugural meeting, broadly discussing ways to continue expanding educational freedom so every child can receive a good education, regardless of ZIP code. 422 more words


A Jarring Encounter with an Ignorant Counselor

My first impression of my urban high school at the age of 16 came in my guidance counselor’s office at my orientation. My family had just moved from a very small, very white town earlier that summer. 582 more words


Crisis hit countries cut down public spending on education

Despite an almost continuous but very moderate increase of government spending on education in absolute (euro) terms during the 2002-2012 decade the amount of public resources devoted to this end as a percentage of… 660 more words


#TeacherTuesday: Tony Danza Is Sorry, and So Am I

I’m not a parent, but it seems to me that every parent I know experiences a wave of remorse from time to time. Remorse for every crummy thing they ever said or did to their parents while growing up. 341 more words