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Sound Off: Spectrums of Mana

Today will be a post not about writing itself, but rather a shout-out to some inspiration fuel I’ve recently discovered.

People familiar with my earlier posts might have gleaned hints of my gaming background – particularly my soft spot for a number of SNES-era 16-bit RPG’s. 390 more words


2014 should be the Year of the Mana Tree

Nintendo’s Year of Luigi is almost over, and with the recent news that a new Seiken Densetsu (Secret of Mana) game called Rise of Mana… 909 more words


Save A Tree From The Comfort Of Your Smartphone

The “Seiken Densetsu” or “Mana” series was one of those games that Squaresoft, oh I’m sorry, “Squeenix” seems to have amnesia over in favor of moreĀ  292 more words