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Gryphon was awakened by his alarm. He lay looking up at the high ceiling in a bedroom that was larger than most average American homes. As the alarm continued to buzz he just lay there thinking about his life as a young boy in Australia in his small sea side village. 1,084 more words



Tarik had been driving for over six hours it was late afternoon, it remained pretty quiet in the van, at the moment everyone was sleeping. Tarik hoped it stayed this peaceful until he got them all to sanctuary. 1,451 more words


The Shroud Organization Ranking

Since the story is taking a turn I though I’d post this for those who were interested and have been reading this far.

Shroud ranks: 216 more words


The new life, the new way

A few years had passed since Judge Moses has expelled Tarik from his sanctuary, he told Tarik never to return unless he had wiped the poison from him. 2,005 more words


The Truth Behind the RWandan Tragedy by Remigius Kintu

A must read by Remigius Kintu.

The Following Document was prepared upon request and presented to the U.N. International Criminal Tribunal on Rwanda (ICTR), Arusha, Tanzania… 16 more words