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Rant: Marvel's Secret Wars 2015 and Other Teasers

Marvel has been throwing down some interesting teasers recently, that (coincidentally?) followed the just-a-bit-more than the teaser announcement for the publisher’s Secret Wars 2015 event. While the news is all still a bit…mysterious, I have some theories based on what we know about what’s currently going on, what little has already been announced, and some very convenient timing. 784 more words


Marvel 2015 - Up and Coming

Over the last fortnight, we’ve learned a lot about the future of Marvel.  In today’s special, I’m going to take the part of Destiny and unveil the future… 1,626 more words


Marvel's New 'Secret Wars' - Due May 2015

At New York Comic Con, Marvel released the above image by artist Alex Ross – teasing a new Secret Wars – one of the first big comic cross-over events, that ran for 12 issues in the early 1980s (designed to sell a range of toys as much as the comics themselves). 20 more words


Leaf Sticker Album - Marvel Super Heroes - SECRET WARS

This is currently active on ebay – a Canadian sticker album made by Leaf (1984)

Complete listing of the stickers is on the listing… but one caught my eye: 67 Colossus… 17 more words


Marvel Crash Something Like Fifteen Different Events Together in Hopes of Creating SUPEREVENT

The last few days have been bizarre, at Marvel. With the news that Jonathan Hickman’s run on Avengers is leading up to the return of ‘Secret Wars’ next year, you’d be forgiven for thinking that the company would settle with just the one big event. 195 more words

Marvel Comics

A Bunch More New Comics!

Marvel revealed several new comics at New York Comic-Con this past weekend, and while Ant-Man was my clear favorite, I figured why not talk about the others? 639 more words


Go big or go home: Why Marvel's new 'Secret Wars' could be too much

For comic book fans of a certain age, few comic book stories are remembered as fondly as Marvel’s 1984 mega-hit Secret Wars. A yearlong series that birthed countless Marvel fans, Secret Wars was memorable, even if the story—standard rock ‘em, sock ‘em stuff—doesn’t hold up. 1,005 more words

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