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Secret Garden

Photo: Secret Garden
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Description: This photo is about Secret Garden….

No Secrets

The mouth shut and no more secrets came out.

“I am going to tell you nothing now. There is nothing to tell. I will stay quiet forever.” 441 more words

Short Story

Team Secret vs Empire [BO1] [Summit 2 Groupstage]

KuroKy’s carry Necrophos is Team Secret’s answer to Empire’s deathball lineup in this best-of-one. Some ludicrous aggression from Secret in the early game sets Empire on the back foot, but Empire finds some good pickoffs to even the game out. 25 more words

Flickr Friday:「悄悄話」#Whisper 佳作選集

上周的 #FlickrFriday 徵圖主題是「悄悄話」(#Whisper)。我們收到許多逸趣橫生的投稿作品。下面刊出的是編輯選出來的佳作,您也可以直接造訪 FlickrFriday 活動群組,以便觀摩所有來稿。



An Open Letter to The Monster Who Preyed Upon My Son, You're Not Fooling Anyone Anymore.

It’s taken me a long time and a lot of soul searching to muster the courage to write this letter, and even more to make it public. 1,889 more words

Nest // Nurture Your Soul