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My feelings right now.

Tired – but I can’t go to bed because I’m waiting for something.



sore – my eyes are doer from the medicine the Optometrist gave me to use every night.   15 more words

How “holding back” is holding you back

“Secretiveness can be a source of pride. It is a paradox that secretiveness plays the same role as boasting; in both we are engaged in the creation of a disguise. 349 more words


W-O-R-D of the day

Furtive:  FURTIVE  – Furtive

: done in a quiet and secret way to avoid being noticed

           a :  done by stealth :  surreptitious

 b : 20 more words

W-O-R-D Of The Day

Big things coming and holding my cards close

The other day I was talking about acceptance and how apparently I am suppose to accept how this is and how it’s really hard for me.   954 more words

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Giant hole in the ground

Guys.  I have a fascination with sinkholes (because they’re generally spontaneous) and other giant holes in the ground, like blue holes and the Door to Hell… 335 more words

Life In General

Update 9/1/14

Today we’re leaving the campsite but I guess we’re going to hit a few places on the way home. I haven’t responded to comments from the really bad day or from this trip because the reception is spotty. 282 more words

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The Secrets Virgo Chooses to Share

Intellectually, I don’t believe in Astrology.

It makes no sense that all the people on the planet, born in this time, or any time, would share behavioral similarities just because of the position of the sun at the moment of their birth. 719 more words