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Giant hole in the ground

Guys.  I have a fascination with sinkholes (because they’re generally spontaneous) and other giant holes in the ground, like blue holes and the Door to Hell… 335 more words

Life In General

The Secrets Virgo Chooses to Share

Intellectually, I don’t believe in Astrology.

It makes no sense that all the people on the planet, born in this time, or any time, would share behavioral similarities just because of the position of the sun at the moment of their birth. 719 more words


Review: 'Godzilla' from the Editor Chief

The King of Monsters is back, but does this movie DO JUSTICE to Godzilla?

The story is of course as simple as ever, there are some unexplained events and two monsters emerge. 558 more words


Boys; Picky Eating & Eating Disorders

Boys can develop eating disorders too.  They are typically more silent and secretive and it often looks different than eating disorders in girls.  In many cases it looks more like picky eating. 215 more words

L'Oreal HiP Cream Shadow Paints - Secretive

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L’Oreal HiP Cream Shadow Paints – Secretive 807…

Produc features :

For Use On: Eyes

(Click to see more photos) 16 more words

keeping the peace

she was an unlucky kind of girl
and though she wasn’t sure
what that meant
she loved to say it nonetheless

born scorpio with pisces rising… 59 more words



venting about venting: I feel like I spend so much time listening to people vent. My friends will just come to me and complain and talk about their problems/ situations for hours. 199 more words