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Yes, Obama's White House is more secretive than Bush's - The Week

By Justin Lynch, The Weekly Wonk

Jay Carney is free. But not loose — at least so far. After resigning as the press secretary for President Obama on June 20, Carney gave insight into the Obama administration’s handling of classified documents, and responded to criticism that this administration has been the most Orwellian in recent history. 197 more words


Daily Doodle 48

What gets me is the fact that things change (such as WordPress) and then all of a sudden I have to start on a new learning curve having just mastered the last update.   546 more words

Away with the Fairies

Little miss daydreamer

Lost in her own world

Think I don’t understand

But I can hear every word.

Twiddling with my hair

I bat my eyeslashes and blink… 24 more words


Preceding Palpitations

I quite enjoy the giddy feeling when you realise how much you truly like someone, but haven’t quite worked out how to tell them yet. Every conversation is impossibly exciting. 410 more words

Chapter: 3 Signs And Symptoms Of Addiction

Some symptoms which can be experienced by addicted person himself/herself are:

i. Tolerance increases that’s why needs to engage in addictive substance becomes more and more to get desired effect. 355 more words

Part I: Addiction

Hedge Funds Non-Transparency: Skill of Risk-Taking?

Authors: Sergiy Gorovyy, Patrick Kelly, and Olga Kuzmina, NES

This policy brief raises the issue of whether the secretive nature of hedge funds allows funds to misbehave and take excess risks that may in turn be contagious for the whole economy. 1,446 more words

Financial Crisis