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Words We Don't Say.

There’s a distance between us
Built on unspoken truths,
But I feel our hearts moving
Toward a place we once knew…

A love long abandoned and… 52 more words


Confessions of a single girl

I’m a single girl. Have been for 6 years this coming summer. OMG 6 years! Never thought I would be single for this long! I feel like a girl, a teenager still, but my age in numbers suggest that I’m actually a woman. 551 more words


Their Sexy Thoughts

Thank you for stopping by for My Sexy Saturday.Today’s fun is about Their Sexy Thoughts. From Secrets, I’ve picked 7 paragraphs of hero Casey and heroine Michelle following their thoughts about opening up. 280 more words

Keeping Secrets

Assalamu aleikum boggers!

Another post. Hope it’s insightful.


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Papatia Feauxzar


Part 173- Secrets Unfolded...

As narrated by Maaherah :

The entire ambiance of this whole setup was surprisingly overwhelming. It wasn’t as though I wasn’t used to classy functions but I never expected it from Zainab. 2,206 more words

3 Paths to a Little Bit Happier Life

If I were to take survey and ask if you had the option of being happier or just staying the same, I’m willing to bet that the overwhelming majority would choose to be happier.   406 more words

FEAR the (un)known

Things have been going well for a while, it seems only ‘normal’ that it would eventually come to an end. I wake up angry and ugly thoughts fill my head. 734 more words