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It is completely dark,
The light under the door has left.
But I don’t need it,
I know my room by heart.
I see it now, 92 more words



The thought of being able to talk to someone without them being harassing or mean. Without trolling or telling me what a bad person I am? 41 more words


A case of the blahs.

Today has been one of those days. my husband has been in a mood, which is frequent, but still annoying. he is not an idiot, and i know feels the growing tension between us. 361 more words

the knower of secrets

and the veil fiercely guards secrets
refusing even the light to reveal
unless it recognises
the name of her master

~ Ali, the knower of secrets ~ 7 more words


Poem 724 (1)

Dance with your characters-
Let them whisper in your ear.
He is driven to spill his secrets- the deepest- the darkest truths.

Persuasion through silence-
Understanding from tone.