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Comfort in a Stranger

We find comfort in sharing with a stranger what we normally wouldn’t share with a close friend or family member because a stranger, we feel, doesn’t know us enough to judge us & even if this stranger does so, she/he doesn’t know us enough for us to care.


She went to the toilet and on her way back opened the wrong door. In front of her marble floors stretched out under high intricately painted ceilings.

Fiction Story

S is for...Secrets

I realised quite early on in drafting Book 2 of Prophecy Of Innocence (subtitled Two Tribes) that many of my characters have many secrets. Yes, those sweet, innocent elflings living in a simpler place and time actually do have a darker, more sinister side and hide things from each other. 306 more words


Tricks of the trade: Humble Beginnings

So where better to start letting everyone in on the restaurant secrets than with one of the more humble yet delicious sides?
Mash potato has had a place on our places for centuries. 372 more words


I'm Fine.

How do you reply when people ask how you are? Most times I go with “I’m fine.” “I’m doing okay.” “Pretty good thanks.” Regardless of how I… 1,119 more words


April 17th poem

For G.S. Thank you for all those days back when. 

You once wrote me a poem about running
- eight years ago.
Do you remember? 569 more words