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Baptism - let's not give up our testimony

I originally wrote this up in October 2013 for the Grand Junction Church of Christ bulletin. It’s been changed and expanded. This post expresses some of my views on baptism, and it reflects my convictions as a member of Churches of Christ. 549 more words

The sticky issue of Scottish Independence and Rangers fans

There’s a very interesting article at Wings Over Scotland about Rangers fans and how some of them are openly not only supporting a Unionist position (which isn’t a problem), but doing so based upon an unquestioning belief structure. 493 more words


Quasi-borders for a quasi-state: In Lebanon, partisanship trumps all else

Syrian refugees arrive at the Masnaa border crossing on the Lebanon-Syria border on August 7, 2014, after fleeing the restive northeastern Lebanese town of Arsal ahead of returning to Syria. 2,084 more words

War On Syria

IS origins: When you see your neighbour's beard being shaved... better start getting yours ready.

Abd al-Wahhab demanded conformity — a conformity that was to be demonstrated in physical and tangible ways. He argued that all Muslims must individually pledge their allegiance to a single Muslim leader a Caliph, if there were one.

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The dangers of feminism.

I get uneasy with the topic of feminism.  Yes, I am a woman.  I’m probably what most people would consider an independent and relatively successful woman.   1,650 more words

New Testament

Syria in Revolt

Understanding the Unthinkable War

By Sadik J. Al-Azm in the Boston Review

The people’s intifada in Syria, against the military regime and police state of the Assad family, took me by surprise.

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There are brave people everywhere... truly.

I fear that a line has been crossed that only yesterday seemed unapproachable. The past weeks witnessed calls for ethnic cleansing in the Jewish press and the Israeli Parliament.

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