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Uniting Under a Common Word

Those who were given the Scripture did not divide, until there had come to them the Clear Evidence. Quran, 98:4

But they were not ordained, except to 1) serve God, 2) being devoted to His System, 3) inclining to truth, and that they 4) establish connection (Salat), and 5) contribute towards purity/growth (Zakat). 105 more words

Short Quotes

Christian leaders express shock at world silence after ISIS expels Iraqi Christians

Iraqi Christians pray during a mass at the Saint-Joseph church in Arbil, the capital of the autonomous Kurdish region of northern Iraq, on July 20, 2014.(Photo: AFP-Safin Hamed) 1,212 more words


"The Greatest Challenge"

Information at a glance from one of the P-WW’s contributors, Harith al-Qarawee, on the current developments in Iraq.


Let's be just Muslims Again

Three news items caught my attention recently: A suicide bombing in Afghanistan killed 89 people, blowing of religious places by ISIS in Iraq and a letter by a prominent cleric in India to the ISIS chief. 601 more words


Update: Libya

Libya is definitely not doing so well, in fact, the airports aren’t even close to secure anymore.  There are some calling for a return of the monarchy… 14 more words


Update: Iraq

The situation in Iraq isn’t really improving, though Ukraine and Gaza have bumped it from the headlines the same way Iraq bumped Syria not long ago. 104 more words

Civil War

“We will leave Mosul and we will never return as long as these people are present,” he was overheard saying to his wife as they hurried away...

Recently IS group leader, al-Baghdadi, who has hardly been seen at all and who has been notoriously media-shy, was filmed by his group’s propaganda team preaching at Mosul’s landmark Great Mosque of Al Nouri.

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