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I wish President Obama was Muslim

The perpetual cycle of violence constantly updating in the Middle East section of the news is the combined result of three factors: The underachievement of boys, Arab sectarianism and the Politicization of Islam.   1,612 more words


Iran Nuclear Agreement Finalized, to Be Announced in Coming Months!

In harmony with Nasser Kandil  the Iranian strategic expert Amir Mousawi asserted that the content of the nuclear agreement between Iran and the world powers has been concluded in preparation for its announcement in the coming months. 660 more words


Telegraph Report: Syria’s Ancient and Dwindling Christian Community Facing Militant Threats

Via Syria Solidarity Movement

Nov 23, 2014, Eretz Zen

The Telegraph’s Ruth Sherlock visits the Syrian town of Izraa, home one of the world’s oldest Christian communities, which is increasingly under threat by ongoing fighting in the region. 235 more words

War On Syria

Bahrain’s sham election ignores calls for reform

Bahrain’s national election planned for this Saturday portends no change in the al-Khalifa regime’s anti-Shi’a stance and is yet another futile exercise in sham democracy. The mainstream al-Wefaq Shi’a opposition party has decided to boycott the election because of perceived bias in the recently gerrymandered electoral districts. 1,128 more words


The most dangerous book in existence...

Books are powerful, there is little doubt of that, and their words carry ideas far beyond those who wrote them. The power of books is widely recognized, that is why they are written and that is why books are removed as a potential threat. 2,693 more words

Sectarianism as Normal in Scottish Education

Frankly, life is too short to go and read what Religious Education textbooks are now current in the Scottish education system. One hopes sincerely that that have changed. 367 more words


Sectarianism, Apartheid and Multiculturalism

In Northern Ireland and to a lesser degree in nearby West-Central Scotland, there is a social division known as ‘sectarianism’, which in reality is a conflict of national identity, mixed into which has become genealogy, clan tribalism and religious affiliation (by upbringing, more often than by belief).  618 more words