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Al-Maliki Accuses Saudi Arabia of Supporting Terrorism

Local EditorIraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki stressed that Saudi Arabia turned into a state of problems due to its policies in supporting terrorists in Syria, Iraq, Yemen and other countries, via an interview on al-Manar TV channel on Monday.In an interview with al-Maliki on Monday, he said Saudi Arabia lives the dream of toppling Syria, Iraq and Lebanon but it will not succeed, also calling on Saudi Arabia to stop interfering in the Iraqi affairs and to respect the interests of Iraq.Al-Maliki reassured that the political solution is the only one for solving the crisis in Syria, calling on all the Syrian sides and the international community to adopt a political solution to the crisis. 133 more words

Al Qaeda

معاوية والستون ألف شيخ

الخليج ودعاة “الجهاد” في سورية… معاوية والستون ألف شيخ

علي الديري

في حزيران/ يونيو 2013 عقد في مصر مؤتمر باسم “موقف علماء الأمة من أحداث سوريا”، احتشد فيه أكثر من من 70 جمعية ورابطة إسلامية من الخليج والعالم العربي، اعتبر فيه أن “ما يجري فى أرض الشام حربا معلنة على الإسلام والمسلمين عامة”، وعرض أن الجهاد في سوريا واجب على كل مسلم وعلى كل الشعوب والحكام، وأن أحداث سوريا قضية الأمة كلها وليست قضية سوريا وحدها.

War On Syria

Michel Aoun: The last strong presidential candidate


By: Ghassan Saoud

Published Saturday, April 19, 2014

We will not have another presidential election like this one. Since 1990, people have hoped that a strong president would return to the Baabda presidential palace to create a balance between Christian, Sunni, and Shia influence in the government. 1,843 more words



The wagons, encircled,

      the gates have been drawn.

Unless a devotee

      it might turn out wrong.

All bits and pieces,

      at one time, a song. 70 more words

Poetry - The Stuff Of Life

Secularism: A Solution for Syria (By Kevork Elmassian)

Secularism: A Solution for Syria

The war in/on Syria brought back the question of the Syrian identity and the role of religion in the political future. 972 more words

Syria: The Crisis