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October 25, 201

by Jonathan Azaziah (Mouqawamah Music EXCLUSIVE)

Apart from the nauseating, reprehensible and oft-repeated “‘Israel’ has a right to exist” meme, it is indubitably certain that there is no propaganda buzz-phrase heard quite as frequently from the duplicitous yaps of vile, yellowbelly liberals as “blowback terrorism”. 6,224 more words


The Syrian Revolution and the struggle for Kurdish Liberation

The Kurdish people have entered a new phase in the struggle to control their future.  The current context is born of the Syrian revolution that emerged as part of the “Arab Spring” of early 2011. 1,510 more words


Strollers strive to stamp out sectarianism

Civil Service Strollers club secretary Keith Stewart writes about an initiative to tackle a problem that continues to blight our ‘beautiful game':

Civil Service Strollers is the only football club in Edinburgh that has received funding from the Scottish Government’s Voluntary Action Fund to undertake workshops on understanding sectarianism and how it affects the community. 140 more words

North Edinburgh News

New Kadampa Tradition: Never mix with Tibetan Buddhists, they can cause "great spiritual confusion" and are dangerous for your "purity"

New Kadampa Tradition
International Kadampa Buddhist Union

To all NKT-IKBU Centres
05 August 2010

Dear Administrative Directors,

Because of the potential for great spiritual confusion both now and in the future, we advise and request that NKT Centres, teachers, managers and residents do not get involved with the activities of any Tibetan Buddhist groups, teachers or their students.

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New Kadampa Tradition

Questions ? (Radical Discipleship)

Bible Base  –   Matthew 22:34-46,  !st Thesalonioans 1-8
What’s the most famous line in the bible ?

John 3:16 – For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. 1,876 more words

Sunday Takeaways

Hobbes' Folly: The Creation of Secularism and a new Intolerance

Article published on MDI (6th January 2014)

Thomas Hobbes (1588 – 1679 AD) is renowned in Western history as being the father of modern Western Political Philosophy. 7,225 more words

Abdullah Al Andalusi

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