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Why it is reasonable to exclude coercion from psychiatry

One of the main problems i have (and most likely always will) with the current system in hand (and it is a system i admit, i partake in to an extent) is that it is deemed necessary to coerce people into receiving treatment. 233 more words

s.o.s hello i need your help i want to start my dreads this moment but im new at this i need to now i have type 1 hair will them go fatter ? i´ve seen some cases they double the thickness after a few months i need to nos this so i know how thick i sould do them , thank you

Hello there! 

You shouldn’t worry so much about the initial thickness- I think the section size will be more important for you. 

For type 1 hair vs type 4 hair, the hairs on the opposite ends of the spectrum, the thickness of locks is relative. 290 more words

hey, so I'm pretty keen on the idea on dreading my hair. Its quite thick and around 32" long, i'd like to have fairly thin to medium dreads in width and was wondering what you would recommend in terms of method and sectioning sizes? Thanks

Hello there! 

That is some very long hair! 

As far as section sizes go, if you make 1×1 inch sections all over your head, you will have thin but manageable locks on your straight hair texture. 364 more words