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Finally Found!

I didn’t feel the phone vibrate, as I was having too much fun kicking my brothers’ butts in Mario Kart. I checked it after the race, and saw I had a missed call and voicemail from a number that was unrecognizable. 309 more words


Skater girl

Featuring a super-comfy guys sweatshirt and tee shirt, this comfy outfit is perfect for the weekend, a trip to the skate park, shopping at the mall, or anything in between. 29 more words


Sports for life

Sports is the real chicken soup for the soul. It’s like each Game, each Race lives its own life, it breathes, sometimes its forgotten like most of us and sometimes it ends into something Epic, something we can talk about our rest of our life with same zeal. 350 more words




I read it somewhere that people come back to their native city to retire or die. I think it’s the childhood memories, ease of living, known faces calling us back in that friendly distant voice. 450 more words


My First Crash

I was out boarding and I made the mistake of taking on a hill I knew was too steep for me… I was doin’ fine, but then the speed wobble took me down. 40 more words