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Let’s do away with the religion/secular divide

In the third and final piece in our series on “Religion, Secularism and Multiple Modernities in Europe”, Professor of Secularization Studies, Herman Paul, argues that the religious/secular divide is unhelpful for thinking about the realities of human existence and should be done away with. 763 more words


Why we aren't happy

I’m finishing this up waiting for a plane, but it’s something I’ve wanted to address for some time. In addressing this issue, I do so as someone who has suffered from many of the things I highlight here. 1,880 more words


Egypt and the Arab Spring

The self-immolation of Tunisian street vendor Tarek al-Tayeb Mohamed Bouazizi set off the “Arab Spring” in 2011 and upended three governments in quick succession in eastern North Africa. 575 more words

Liberalism and Secularism will Destroy Christianity


A collection of essays and observations will show that liberalism and secularism will destroy Christianity and the Western Civilisation if it is not stopped in its tracks. 4,629 more words

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Analysing "Brave New World--How Christians See an Atheist World

At the time of Aldous Huxley writing his novel Brave New World, the world was facing an economic crisis, and the rise of Hitler was imminent. 1,386 more words


Interfaith relations strengthened: the Bill 60 effect

Originally published on page 8 of the spring issue of the Catholic Times

The result s of the April 7 provincial election will ultimately decide the fate of Bill 60 and which measures, if any, of the proposed charter of Quebec values will ever become law. 1,618 more words


How I survived the clown revolution in Beirut

I don’t often make political statements on this blog. But the wars in Syria and now between Palestine and Israel sometimes hit a little close to home. 41 more words