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Outrage Over Liberalism? -- On the Secular Society

One of my more militant Catholic friends posted a blog article that just really caught my eye called, “If you want to prove you don’t hate gays, all you have to do is worship at their feet.” Reading through the article, I was just getting pissed off, partly because I couldn’t tell if it was being horribly sarcastic and facetious of the secular position (what the author called the “religion of progressivism”), or worse, if it was being entirely serious. 1,070 more words


What is our True End?

In my previous post, I discussed the inability of many modern filmmakers to be able to enter into a world where characters and plot are motivated by concerns regarding Christian virtue and Christian goals. 1,495 more words


Science suggests we have no free will: Implications on belief

In 1985 Benjamin Libet published a peer-reviewed paper where he instructed his test subjects to lift their arm while recording their brain activity. What he found was interesting. 634 more words


Homeschooling is Hard!

As many parents before me, I stood on the precipice, looking into the landscape called homeschooling, and was in awe of the different roads that one could travel. 1,564 more words

Rapid Shift

Thoughtful people everywhere must be shocked at the speed of change as it pertains to human sexuality. This article from the Gospel Coalition explains it pretty well.

Why the Left and Islam Join Together Against Israel

The Left and Islam make strange bedfellows. The former is allegedly the political philosophy of freedom, liberation, social justice, women’s (womyns) rights, LGBT rights, animal rights, and warm puppies (well, Leftists actually are more likely cat people). 663 more words

When Experts Fail: The Sacred and Profane in Art

An article published yesterday in The Art Newspaper regarding some important frescoes in Rome piqued my interest, and at the same time made me raise an eyebrow as I did further reading.   994 more words