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How to Handle Heartbleed

I was out of the office last week when the Heartbleed bug burst into the news so, while I’m a little slow getting information posted about it, things seemed to have resolved themselves and I now feel comfortable providing our members with some information and recommendations about how to deal with it. 714 more words


Microsoft Window's XP Support Ended

Today Microsoft ended the support for Window’s XP Today. This means that you could be at risk if you are still using XP as things such as security breaches and viruses will go unnoticed. 30 more words


Report: Hackers Would Rather Steal Your Twitter Account Than Your Credit Card

You keep an eye on your credit report and fastidiously pore over each and every statement to guard against identity theft and a drained bank account, and that’s good. 271 more words

Highlighting the Importance of Cyber Security

Highlighting the Importance of Cyber Security

By Smith Baker on March 20, 2014

With a growing number of high profile security breaches that seem to arise every now and then, the need for cyber security is now more prominent than ever. 526 more words

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California DMV Says Drivers' Credit Card Data Might Have Been Breached

Here we go again: Now that we’ve all gotten used to security breaches, why not throw another one on top of Target and the rest? The California Department of Motor Vehicles says there’s a possible data security breach in its credit card processing services, though there’s no evidence of a hack yet.

Littleton Company Producing More Secure Credit Cards

LITTLETON, Colo. (CBS4) – Massive credit card security breaches have companies working to offer consumers cards with more protection and one of those is CPI in Littleton. 241 more words


Sally Beauty: Credit Card Info Of 25K Customers Illegally Accessed, Might've Been Stolen

After a bunch of stolen credit card numbers were reportedly found for sale earlier this month on the underground market where one buys such things, … 232 more words