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The WatchBot 3.0: The New Top CCTV

The WatchBot Is The New Must Have CCTV System

The New Top CCTV Camera Has Arrived & It Is Better Than Ever

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Chris Brown To Ray Rice - You Need Help, Don't Hit Your Lady

Chris Brown who’s yet to recover from his stint with Rihanna back in 2009, was on MTV and was asked by Sway if he has any thoughts on the development—pretty awkward moment, we know. 88 more words

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What to Look While Purchasing HD Security Cameras

The rise in incidents like thefts, robbery and kidnapping has made it essential to secure your home, working place and other sensitive areas. If you are already using surveillance systems, you need to improve them. 321 more words

HD Security Cameras

What Is More Important; Security Or Privacy?

The head security officer and his assistant were talking of where to put in the next security cameras.
They have already done quite some job by placing them in just about every area they can think of. 502 more words

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台灣山毛櫸最大棲息地宜蘭太平山 冰河時期植物 縮時攝影任務

宜蘭太平山的”飛雲”總是令筆者印象深刻,去年參加太平山馬拉松與這次協同林務局一起參與縮時攝影相機安裝任務都對飄渺飛動與變化快速雲有震撼的感覺. 運用縮時攝影拍攝起來感覺很棒!
為能記錄台灣稀有冰河時期植物-台灣山毛櫸 (又名台灣水青岡),我們特別上到台灣山毛櫸最大棲息地-太平山的山毛櫸國家步道架設縮時攝影相機。
筆者已經習慣將縮時攝影運用在生活上許多活動與任務過程,所以這次任務當然也不例外, 請欣賞59秒影片(本網站影片請用720p HD模式欣賞)

註:台灣山毛櫸為一萬年前冰何消退後持續留存生長物種,係【文化資產保護法】公告指定為珍貴稀有植物之一。台灣水青岡於冬季時樹葉脫落。台灣水青岡在台灣分布的區域有兩大塊區域,第一是在台北縣桃園縣交界的拉拉山、插天山一帶,現在已經建立了“插天山自然保留區”,以保護其内的台灣水青岡、稀有動植物資源及其生態系。另一個區域則位於宜蘭太平山翠峰湖附近的銅山地區,爲目前台灣水青岡最大的棲息地,生育地廣達1100公頃,目前已經設立2公頃的永久樣區進行長期監測。保護區分爲核心保護區和緩沖區兩部分。 資料來源:林務局

太平山山毛櫸國家步道就在翠峰山屋旁 羅東鎮上的羅東林區管理處入口 山毛櫸林到雲霧飄渺 Brinno TLC200 Pro縮時攝影相機在巨大的山毛櫸樹根上 Brinno  26 more words

Easy Installation Tips for an Alarm System

A security system is something really important to be installed at home and around the office. It helps protect property and life. In this ever changing world, the increase of criminal activities has compelled people to take their own precautionary steps to prevent loss of life or property. 400 more words

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