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Session Hijacking Tutorial

First of all, before going any further you have to understand what a cookie is. So what is a cookie? a cookie is a small piece of information that is stored in the user’s client (browser) when a user visits a website. 300 more words

Ethical Hacking

Today's Tidbit 2.12.2014

Beijing’s recent landfilling activities in the tense South China Sea has raised new and more urgent concerns to those countries with claims to territory and security issues in the region, namely Vietnam and the Philippines. 100 more words


Vosteran Search: is it safe?

Vostaran.com is a search engine, and you can access it easily as any other website. The search engine features an appealing interface, which may trick a lot of people into thinking that it proves that the search engine is reliable. 407 more words


OC intern wins access to security module in India

OC is proud its intern Lauren Wilcock has secured a place to attend a post-graduate security module in India, provided by the University of New Delhi. 723 more words


Outoa spämmiä

Tässä on outo huijausviesti, joka on äsken tullut minun googlen sähköpostiini:

Mikä tekee tästä oudon, että tämmöistä päivänselvää scammiä ei ollut pitkään (jos olikaan) Gmailissa. Tällä kertaa huijarit jotenkin onnistuivat huijaamaan myös Googlen turvallisuussystemeitä ja huijausviesti päätyikin suoraan postilaatikkoon. 86 more words

Security Issues

Updating Security Provider Asynchronously In Android

SSL refers to Secure Socket layer which is responsible for secure communication between client and server. SSL encrypts data when it is being transferred over network, thereby securing the communication between client and server. 373 more words