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A story of Gmail war on spam, and plans for end-to-end encrypted mail

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Mike Hearn is a security expert that worked on prevention of spam and abuse at Google, and on Bitcoin-related systems. He wrote a rich but clear mail that gives a good perspective on the effort that email providers must pay to be able to fight spam effectively: 272 more words


The Basics of Advanced Firewalling

The bad news

It’s no secret that the threat landscape of today looks nothing like it did in the past. What’s also not a secret – at least to the makers of those threats – is that security measures have not kept up. 444 more words

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What is Rogueware? And 3 Ways to Avoid it

Malicious software – often shortened to “malware” – is a broad term encapsulating all Internet-borne diseases, including viruses, spyware, trojans, worms, adware, gremlins, ghosts and ghouls. 1,198 more words

Technology Best Practices

Chinese Gov Drops Foreign Security Software Too! | Paranoid Much!?

This just in!┬áChina’s government isn’t just giving the boot to foreign operating systems; it’s doing the same for security software, too! A national procurement agency has dropped Kaspersky and Symantec from its antivirus supplier list, leaving only Chinese companies as options. 127 more words