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Russia Forces Bloggers to Register

The government says this is needed so it can remove inaccurate or defamatory information on the Internet. But some bloggers fear it will limit free speech, allow Putin to close down blogs he doesn’t like and give him an excuse to block sites such as Twitter in the future.

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Rand Paul: We Must Demilitarize the Police

Not surprisingly, big government has been at the heart of the problem. Washington has incentivized the militarization of local police precincts by using federal dollars to help municipal governments build what are essentially small armies—where police departments compete to acquire military gear that goes far beyond what most of Americans think of as law enforcement.

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Free societies require more of police

If national journalists are arrested at a McDonald’s in Ferguson for what can only be described and has yet to be described by police, mind you as some sort of reach of an infraction, how are the regular citizens in this now militarized zone faring?

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Court upholds “First Amendment” right to film police

She was arrested for disobeying a police officer, obstructing a government official, and “unlawful interception of oral communications,” the court said.
Local prosecutors declined to charge her on any of the counts.

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This is why they are really upset

The actions of the secretary prevented APD from jointly working with DEA in narcotics trafficking on Amtrak property, thus depriving APD from receiving $854,460 in asset forfeiture funds.

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The 100th Anniversary of the Great State Crime

The rulers of Austria-Hungary, Serbia, Russia, Germany, France, and Great Britain did not have to do what they subsequently did — the ultimatums, the mobilizations, the honoring of secret alliances.

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Meet a Town That's Had Enough of Militarized Policing

Barry Township, Michigan, with a population of about 4,000, has four full-time police officers, four part-time officers, two Humvees, two armored personnel carriers (free, courtesy of the…

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