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A couple of clarifications

1) Yes, the bomb squad has had a busy day today in Boston.  Yes, they did just blow up two things in controlled detonations (as in, within the last two minutes) at the Marathon Finish Line.  281 more words

Harmless Drones Get Federal Flak

That was not the first time members of Texas EquuSearch had used these small model planes to help locate a missing person. But if the Federal Aviation Administration has its way, it won’t happen again.In February, the group got a letter from the FAA demanding that it stop using unmanned aircraft in search-and-rescue efforts, which it says violates its ban on the commercial use of drones.

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Good Grief

NSA Admits to Wrongdoing—What Now?

Snowden, in an act of great personal sacrifice and historic moral courage, directly refuted Clapper by telling reporters that the NSA possessed not just metadata but also content—meaning the actual emails, text messages, and recordings of telephone calls.

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Good Grief

Security Hints from the Jerusalem Marathon

One of my Facebook friends, Rachael Toor, just came back from the Jerusalem Marathon. She called the race “by far the most spectacular urban marathon” that she’d ever done. 403 more words


TSA Agent Hides Behind American Flag

A TSA agent is filmed calling a passenger an idiot, then attempts to hide behind an American flag to avoid being caught on camera.

A poetic metaphor for the United States of America today. 7 more words