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Apache reverse Proxy

In many environments it is necessary to mask the internal servers and ensure the web traffic does not reach the internal servers directly even though there is a firewall in between the server and the internet. 555 more words


PIN codes spy via iPhone heat sensor camera

In January 2014 the heat sensor camera FLIR One was presented in US and is now commercially available. The camera costs 350 US$ and allows to produce videos and photos with heat signatures of surfaces in colors. 180 more words

Mobile Devices


This is an uncharacteristically non-PHP post, but I thought it may interest the audience anyway, and this is as good place as any to have it. 1,539 more words


BBC News: The battle for anonymity on the web

I saw this story on the BBC News and thought you should see it:

The battle for anonymity on the web

At a time when many are concerned that governments and corporations can monitor our every move, Horizon meets the hackers and scientists fighting back. 9 more words


BBC News: Celebrity leaks 'no breach' - Apple

I saw this story on the BBC News and thought you should see it:

Celebrity leaks ‘no breach’ – Apple

The leaking of intimate photos of celebrities from iCloud accounts was due to a theft of log-in information, not a security breach, says Apple. 9 more words


Preparing your child's heart for school

My own school experience was not so amiable and certainly not my fondest memories from childhood. In Primary school I was the annoying American girl and in High School in the States I was the strange British Girl.   467 more words


Arduino-Powered Alarm System Has All The Bells And Whistles

Put aside all of the projects that use an Arduino to blink a few LEDs or drive one servo motor. ‘s latest project uses the full range of features available in this versatile microcontroller and has turned an Arduino Mega into a… 124 more words